The Biggest Loser Is Coming Back!

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The Biggest LoserThe end of summer has come up so quickly that I almost forgot that the new television season is coming up and with it, The Biggest Loser.

I was not a fan of this show at the beginning of the season last year, but this year, I’ll be waiting at the edge of the couch to watch! This year they have contestants from every state in the United States. One person from each state makes for a lot of contestants, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to pick my favorites like I did last year. It will definitely be a change.

Bob Harper and Kim Lyons are the trainers.They have replaced Jillian Andersen Michaels with a blonde named Kim Lyons. A press release from NBC said that Jillian left of her own free will to pursue other interests. Jillian’s website says NOTHING about it, so I guess I just have to believe them. I’m going to miss Jillian. I like her technique much better than the touchy feely stuff Bob does. I don’t know anything about Kim Lyons except what NBC says, and that all sounds like a bunch of hype. I’m kind of bothered that they went with such a cutie. I know it’s not fair to judge someone by their looks (isn’t that what bothered me when I was fat?), but I have nothing but hype and her looks to judge her by. I can’t wait to watch the show to see how it will be.

Last year, The Biggest Loser was SO motivating to me. Watching all those people give it their all really helped me to give it my all. They were exercising four hours a day. I could fit an hour a day into my schedule. I watched them all fall while I exercised. Sometimes I’d watch the episode two or three times a week. I am really looking forward to seeing this season’s show!

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20 Responses to “The Biggest Loser Is Coming Back!”

  1. iportion Says:

    I don’t whatch the show but Jillian has started a online diet, and has put out fitness DVD. So she has started some projects.

  2. fitness trainer Says:

    I am really excited to see the new trainer Kim in action. Trust me, this girl didn’t get the job just because she is beautiful. She is extremely respected in the fitness world and is one tough trainer! I’m sure she will be loved.

  3. Robert Says:

    Jillian has a new show on KFI 640am on sunday’s. Also you can get the show off of iTunes from the KFI podcast with no commericals.

  4. SenseiG Says:

    They could always bring Lyon’s honey in to train the blue team. Granted he was probably a bit busy training for the Mr. Olympia contest this weekend, but it would have been nice for a cameo or something from Mr. Gunter Schlierkamp anyway.

  5. Grant Says:

    Okay, just a quickie. It’s Jillian MICHAELS not Jillian Anderson… Also, I heard a rumour Jillian is still keen to do the Australian series for January 2007.

  6. Mary Harbrecht Says:

    BIG MISTAKE!!!! Getting rid of, or letting go of what made the biggest loser so amazing. I’m talking about Jillian Micheals. Bob and Jillian together made this TV show emotional, inspirational and moving! The two of them were perfect together. The show will not be the same this season, even with your 50 state catcher. The bottom line is Jillian is not there and people can tell something is misssing.BIG MISTAKE!!!!

  7. debs Says:

    the new trainer is engaged to a bodybuilder

  8. sheils Says:

    bring back jillian

  9. ashley Says:

    bing jillian back its about time we had a strong women that seems real on tv

  10. Mel Says:

    I absolutely hate Kim! I can’t stand her. She’s way too teary. BRING BACKC JILLIAN!!!!

  11. rumple Says:

    She is back doing the Australian series! They are currently in production now.

  12. Kay Says:

    I miss Jillian :/

  13. Biggest Loser Fan Says:

    Introducing Kim to the show created a new dynamic I’d love to see her continue the great work she started with the 2007 Australian series.

  14. Aussie Girl Says:

    who ever said that jillian is starring in the aussie biggest loser well uses are right she is back on our biggest loser with bob, austrlia’s michelle and shannon trainers.


  15. brianna Says:

    i love them both they are fantastic and they are really inspring to alot of people in australia and in the world

  16. t-rex Says:

    From my viewing Jillian and Bob were not featured much on Aus BL 2, it was sad, but Shannan and Michelle were great, had they started season 1 noone would know different, people evolve and grow this is the whole point of life. I have a PT and at times they dont just deal with health, I had a vent a few weeks ago cos of things going on outside of training and that was my session.

    Does BL really inspire, It does to some degree but personally I dont think it addresses many things a show like this should, and it has so much potential. I dont care about x hating y hating z backstabbing a, b and c; I want to know skills and I dont want to do it at 5am when most exercise tv shows are on.

    I was on a forum where someone asked what would you wish BL would show and then got attacked for saying what I wanted from the show.

    I spent all of yesterday on a field trip, 3:30 – 22:30. Within this time I listened to some of Jillian’s KFI 640 sessions – http://2005.kfi640.com/pages/JillianMichaels.html?feed=132611&article=518206

    these are really interesting and inspirational.


  17. Aussieguy Says:

    After watching the Biggest Looser in Australia. To me I think who made the show in Australia were Jillian and Bob. Now they will be making another season in Australia let Bob and Jillian stay for the whole show. Jillian you rock.

  18. Pixar Says:

    Thank god Jillian is back! I stopped watching after she left. She’s a great trainer and inspiration. Last person who was like that was Cory Everson. WELCOME BACK JILLIAN

  19. Angel Says:

    You go Mary! I found someone who shares how I feel. Jillian is great but Bob and Jillian together are dynamite! Jillian has that hard edge that knows when to push people and when to encourage and Bob knows just what to say or do to help people go that extra mile. I just have to say I’m ecstatic to have Jillian back again this season and I loved the Bob Jillian reunion on last nights episode, touching and shows the bond I felt between them really does exist. Not necessarily romantic but they are close and work well together and support each other.

  20. Deb Says:

    How about updating this???Is the Biggest Looser coming back in 2008???????

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