Yahoo! Avatars – Now In Plus Sizes!

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My biggest complaint about Yahoo! Avatars was that I couldn’t make my avatar look even remotely like me.

Even though I have lost weight, I’m still really curvy and that skinny thing that they came up with looked nothing like the busty version that looks back at me in the mirror. Well, they finally did something about it.

Now, you can choose Plus Size in the Clothing section and your avatar will have a little meat on its bones. You can see my before and after avatars here:

My Old Avatar Vs. My New One

No matter how little I eat or how much I exercise, I could never be as thin as the avatar on the left. I actually prefer the new one. It’s more realistic.

Good Job, Yahoo!

Via: Big Fat Blog: Yahoo! Avatars Expands


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  1. Cece Says:

    i absolutly love yahoo but ya’ll need to get more better plus size clothing. More varieties. No offese but more up yo date and more stylish stuff please do this for me and the rest of the real world:)

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