Nike+ Workout with The Crystal Method

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I’ve been raving about the Nike+iPod running gadget, but I haven’t touched on the iTunes aspect of it all. They have been creating workouts that you can play on your iPod. I was unimpressed by celebrity trainers, so I didn’t try them. That was until they released a workout created by Crystal Method.

I’ve long been a fan of Crystal Method and techno music in general is great for running. Now, they’ve created a workout mix that starts out slow for your warmup, heats up to a nice fast beat and then slows down for your cooldown. It’s a total of 45 minutes, so if you’re going on a longer run, it might not be long enough, but for most workouts, it’s plenty.

I really enjoyed working out with this music because it was tailored for a workout. The voice overs in the songs say things like “keep your eye on the road” and “I’ll show you! You ain’t never seen!” After three minutes of warmup, the singer tells me, “It’s your time. It’s time! Come on!” I couldn’t help but run. With five minutes left of the workout, the singer tells me, “So, we’ll say our last goodbyes now.” It’s a great cool-down song and a perfectly auditory signal that it’s time to stop running and walk.

I’ve really enjoyed this 45 minute song mix. Most of my workouts take about 30 minutes, but I have been going an extra 15 minutes just to hear the end of the song. It was totally worth the 10 bucks to buy it.


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