The Unapologetic BK Quad Stacker

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The BK StackerBurger King has just announced their newest burger, the BK Quad Stacker. Four hamburgers, four slices of cheese, eight strips of bacon and almost a day’s worth of calories in just one sandwich. In a rare show of corporate honesty, Burger King announced the burger with the following statement:

“We’re satisfying the serious meat lovers by leaving off the produce and letting them decide exactly how much meat and cheese they can handle.”

The burger sounds like a challenge, not a meal. Some have supposed that this might open up Burger King to obesity lawsuits, but the Accidental Hedonist disagrees:

I totally agree with what he says about these fast food restaurants.

“I, for one, am glad to see fast food restaurants being unapologetic for their products. By being clear on who they are and what they sell, it makes it easier for me to decide whether or not I visit their establishments. That I choose not to is worth noting, but only if you keep in mind that I don’t really fit into their core demographics.”

I don’t think we need to legislate food to keep ourselves healthy. As long as we have the nutrition facts for the food we eat, the choice is ours. I don’t want the government trying to protect me from myself. I just want the data about the food I eat.


14 Responses to “The Unapologetic BK Quad Stacker”

  1. www.iportion.com Says:

    I like veggies on my sandwhich but people who go and eat at fast food places don’t go for healthy, if we want them to sale healthy we must buy it.

  2. Lon Savini Says:

    I am a burger fenatic!! I love to try them all. This one is one of the best, BUT, it should be made with Whopper patties instead!!

  3. Stephen Durfee Says:

    This is fu#!&n= insane! I’m sure this is going over well in South Philly and Alabama though. Regardless of the crap they are pushing, it is no different than what a beer or candy manufacturer does. People need to take personal responsibility. Consumers who sue with the help of indiscriminate lawyers should be exported. You would have to be a total moron to think that this hamburger is OK. Extreme eating is no different than a crack pipe. Filling the void with something delightful that is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  4. Matthew F. Says:

    Truth in advertising,a quad by-pass preceded by stacked shocks during cardiac arrest. As a healthcare professional I can not recommend this burger to anyone. With that said, I can’t wait to try one myself, they look yummy.

  5. Davey Says:

    I ate one of these during a recent visit to the USofA. To be honest I was still hungry afterwards and had a couple of ‘gellatis’ down the road. But it had been 12 hours since breakfast!!!

  6. Wainy Says:

    Its a heart attack in a carton. I want one!!

  7. john Says:

    I thought this looked like one of the best looking burger so I had to try it. Once I ate it I felt so guilty about how many calories is inside one of these. After I ate it, I went to the gym and ran five(5) miles which only burned off half the damn calories from this burger. The double whopper has 1079 calories so I can only imagine that the triple has probably 1500 or something around there.

  8. Alan Says:

    I work in a heart hospital and find that major heart conditions and obesity is related. I find a striking parallel with Columbus Ohio’s obesity rating and the number of heart hospitals that are being built in the city. I believe that Burger King is irresponsible by enabling people to eat highly unhealthy food that may push them closer to a heart condition as well as other health conditions later in life. Is there a Surgeon General’s warning that come with each sandwich?

  9. C Says:

    It comes up short. What, no sausage?!

  10. Joe_Blancher Says:

    I think that they should force feed these things three times a day (with an XL fry and a 44oz Coke) to the prisoners at guantanimo. That should get them talking in pretty short order! lol

    The way I see it is that it is good for our economy AND it is good for the war on terror.


  11. Stephen Son Says:

    Its a heart stopper, but I loved every minute of it. IT PUTS A SMILE ON THIS GUYS FACE!

  12. Jack Says:

    It sounds frightning but its not. The triple whopper has more meat. I had one of these with a large strawbery shake, and large fries. No I did not have a coronary in the parking lot!

  13. Chelsea Says:

    THIS IS DISGUSTING. This is why the world needs help. People are dying everyday just from this fatty food. Real good people REAL GOOD

  14. Angela Says:

    in response to Joe_Blancher…

    they need to double the bacon! YAY PORK!


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