Kelly Clarkson is NOT Fat

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Kelly Clarkson is NOT fatThe gossip blogs are all a’twitter about Kelly Clarkson. Vitamin Water was in negotiations with her for her own flavor and promotion deal. The catch was she needed to lose some weight in order to seal the deal. This is one of the pictures held up as “proof” that she needs to lose weight.

Does anyone outside of the crazy entertainment industry think that Kelly Clarkson is fat?!

From this point, I REFUSE to drink Vitamin Water and I suggest a similar boycott anyone who is sick of the skeletal standards of beauty that the entertainment industry is so fond of.

Via: Thin or Else By Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson – New York Post


18 Responses to “Kelly Clarkson is NOT Fat”

  1. www.iportion.com Says:

    No she’s not fat. Neither is Jessica simpsons.


  2. Charlie Weiss Says:

    She’s not fat, but she sure is in poor shape. You don’t have to be fat to not be fit. Charlie

  3. Weight Loss Says:

    Calling people like Kelly Clarkson fat is what exactly why more and more eating disorders and unhealthy dieting is used in todays young girls. In fact, it doesn’t matter who they say is fat with everything around appearance, girls will never feel that their own body is good enough and will think they also are fat.

  4. Michelle Buj Says:

    I don’t think she’s fat, I also don’t think she’s in poor shape! I think she has a beautiful body that has some curves and I think toothpick skinny is gross!

  5. Sara Says:

    She’s not fat! she has a personal trainor that runs with her. She has shapes and i think that she is beautiful just the way she is. She famous for her amazing voice, not her body (not that she needs to change it).

  6. Reese Says:

    She’s not fat by average standards, but in her industry (compared to other performers) she does look a little out of shape. But to me, she just looks like any other average american girl her age.

  7. Melissa Says:

    I have to say that I dont think that Kelly is fat. Calling her fat is calling me fat! I saw her in concert last month and she looks about the same size that I am, and I’m a model. She isnt in horrible shape either. Some people could work out for hours a day and still not be completely buff. Kelly had a lot of muscle, which by the way makes me think she is BEAUTIFUL! I feel her pain with trying to fit in with the media. I just hope this girl doesnt get an eating disorder!

  8. Lisa Says:

    Wow, sounds like my mother. I’m like that where most of my fat goes to my rear… 😛 instead of my stomach (I also do crunches), and my mom’d say something like that.

    No way is she fat though. God, and wouldn’t people rather have her be healthy and a good role model rather than a twig and not able to sing or have enough energy to stand? Jeez… reassess your lives people.

  9. emily Says:

    you hoes she is not fat not in poor shape either dude i would kill to look like her in that pic!

  10. Dora Says:

    Kelly Clarkson is soooo pretty and I am jealous of her great body! Besides, you don’t have to be skinny to be gorgeous!

  11. Jill K Says:

    Obviously you people aren’t trainers. I hate to say it, but yes, she is fat. She has no muscle tone..aka the lower stomach hanging freely in this pic verifies this. She has too much “extra” padding on her upper arms, no definition. So yes, she is fat. She could stand to lose about 20 lbs. Then again, I live in LA where Nicole Richey is considered the “perfect” weight.

  12. Mark Says:

    Kelly’s not fat. Kelly’s slim and fit. She doesn’t have any “extra” padding on her arms. Her belly isn’t hanging. I like Kelly.

  13. Jennie Says:

    Sorry you all, Kelly is getting fat. Her butt has grown, and her she’s got a hanging belly. Also her arms and thighs are getting bigger. And I saw some newer pics ’bout her, and she had an even bigger belly, hanging on her belt and jeans. She was wearing too small jeans, specially too small for her grown butt. If she doesn’t look out, she’s gonna be “officially” fat! Especially the hangin’ belly isn’t very nice and easily gives the look you’re not fit.

  14. janica Says:

    Yup, she’s looking big in the newer pics! Big thighs&butt(I mean, bigger than before) and a hanging lower belly. She’s getting too fat, compared to other singers, for example. Nobody needs to be stick thin, that’s true, but on some coureers you can’t look as fat as Kelly now. Especially he belly is just too fat for a pop singer.

  15. Glen Says:

    I saw her recently (September)in our/her hotel prior to her appearance at a auto race. First off, someone had to point out that she was standing right next to me because I would not have noticed. Second, when I did look, I was shocked at her condition. She makes way too much to look like that. I HAVE heard her sing (I am not her market) and I think she’s good. She was REALLY dumpy. Built like a tuna can.

  16. Danielle Says:

    Guess I’m fat too then. I saw her in concert in July and i was PROUD that she looked to be about my size. Be what you are, not what these paris hiltons and nicole richie’s want you to be. be comfortable in your own skin, and if you’re not, then its your business to change it, not anybody elses.

  17. Suzy Says:

    Okay, Kelly Clarkson is NOT fat! If you guys we’re true fans you wouldn’t care. Hollywood is all about the image, and not so much about the music anymore. Like no one ever cares anymore. So if you go up to someone and say “So do you like Kelly Clarkson?” “Eww no! I hate her now shes too fat and needs to loose some weight” Okay, thats real shallow and your hanging on low – you don’t really take your time to appriciate her music! I think we should all take the time to listen to their music and NOT discuss issues about her body! Like honestly, you wouldn’t be a very good fan if you didn’t support her. This is how most celebs go “anerexic” because of so much pressure from the people around them. Do you want Kelly Clarkson to be the next Nicole Richie? Obviously not! How would you like it if I came up to you and said “Your fat, loose some weight and then we can talk” [I obviously would never say that] but still.. I bet it would hurt you too and that is only one person! Kelly has to deal with a whole bunch of other people so thats even worse! So the next time you are about to call somebody fat, think about the conseqeunces and what they are REALLY in hollywood for! A gorgeous girl wouldn’t be in hollywood because shes gorgeous, but a TALENTED girl would be in hollywood because she has what it takes!

  18. barbie Says:

    Ppl totally have the wrong idea of the word fat. ther can be bits on ppl that just are outa shape or have a big of stored fat in that area but it does not mean over all they are a fat person! Kelly clarkson is not fat there nor is she over weight! What i think they shoulda done is word it better maybe Kelly clarkson wasn’t fit or eating properly or healthy and she is a role model so its good if she has become healthy and fit to show ppl the rite way of living rather than this stupid either fat or skinny ppl. what ever hapnd to being in good shape? being healthy? being fit? what about unhealthy and healthy. you could look good and have good shape but be eating all the wrong foods and not exersize at all. It depends on every single individuals body type and if they eat healthy or not. thankyou


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