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This old commercial shows the AYDS Diet Chews. I remember my mom tried them. They didn’t help her lose weight. I tried them, thinking that I might lose weight. They tasted like Tootsie Rolls.

It seems like every decade has their own strange diet remedies. They were just as bad in the 1980’s as they are now. In twenty years, the Trimspa commercials will seem just as strange, except for the unfortunate choice of names.


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  1. Fitness Central Says:

    Wow… I’m kind of speechless after that 🙂 I just love the name though…

  2. www.iportion.com Says:

    I heard about them looking for diet candy. I meant low cal candy.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I remember seeing them advertised in magazine, etc. when I was a little kid. Wasn’t it originally spelled AIDS? if I’m not mistaken they originally came out before news of the disease/syndrome did.

  4. Elaine Says:

    I actually lost weight in ’69 & ’70 using this form of appetite control. Along with exercise and watching what I ate this Ayds chocolate or caramel chew worked great for me. And it was spelled AYDS. I loved them and would use them again today if they were around.

  5. Lucy Says:

    Hi Elaine,

    Go to the pharmacy and buy chewable calcium supplements. Available in chocolate and caramel.

    People who are low in calcium have reduced ability to burn fat.

    I am not certain, but would bet money that AYDS were the same thing that is now marketed as chewable calcium.

    I have lost 25 pounds using these before breakfast and supper. I chew one 20 minutes before the meal with a cup of tea, or sometimes I save the supper one for after I eat and make it my dessert!

    Mostly I believe that this works because there is a trigger to fullness which is delayed by about 20 minutes, if you start the eating 20 minutes before a meal with one of these chews and a hot beverage you will not overeat as the trigger comes sooner.

    Good luck, Lucy

  6. Alex Says:

    Question, why take boring old diet pills when you could enjoy AYDS?

  7. emsy Says:

    i live in the uk and i used these chewy tablets called AYDS 25yrs ago. they worked great for me, taking one b4 each meal, they suppressed my appetite and they were tasty and pleasant to chew like a soft caramel. i lost about one stone in weight. can you get them anywhere now.online or other?

  8. shelly barrett Says:

    I remember those AYDS. My aunt had a box hidden in her dresser. I lost 15 ponds that summer. I wish they would come back.

  9. Esther Says:

    I was only about 8 years old when my mother introduced AYDS diet candy to our household. She and my oldest sister were on a mission to lose weight. Her biggest mistake was hiding them in the refrigerator. I ate them, well…..like candy. Can’t really say if it helped me lose weight. That was the last thing on my mind. I just really liked them!

  10. Amy Says:

    My mom used these back in the early 70s. Don’t know if she lost weight, but she did enjoy them! Aids (the disease) isn’t funny, but the commercial made me laugh.

  11. Christine Says:

    The active ingredient in AYDS was benzocaine. You can find it in many oral topical products. Take a chewable calcium supplement and add a tiny spot of Orajel and eat it with an herbal tea 30 minutes before each meal and you have your AYDS back!

  12. Sherrie Says:

    I also took AYDS when I was a teenager – it seems like Vactiv may be something similar. I also drink a cup of tea with one carmel chew about 20 min prior to my meal.

    ALSO … ALLI works great 🙂

  13. Sue Says:

    I was in 8th grade in 1968. I used this product starting in November (just before the holidays) and went for 165 pound to 120 pounds when I started my Freshmen year in HS in August 1969. I also grew from 5’2″ to 5’4″. Wonderful tasting in chocolate, chocolate mint, and caromel. A box would last a month, but do not remember the price. It made you feel full, so you would not eat as much. No exercise required.

  14. Donna Click Says:

    I am trying to remember another 1980s product. It was a round chewable chalky kind of tablet, large, came in several flavors. Came in a tall round container, about a foot tall. Anyone remember the name of that? It worked for me. Wish I could remember the name of it.

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