I Don’t Bite My Fingernails Anymore – Part 2 of 3

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Laura Lund 1973Read Part 1 of “I Don’t Bite My Fingernails Anymore”

Just in case you thought that my grandmother didn’t have as many hangups about fingernail biting as she did about fat little girls, I present you with this faded photograph. This is me in 1973. Unlike many of the photographs taken of me, I remember the day this one was taken. My grandma had taken me to a REAL photographer to have my picture taken. That purple-striped shirt was brand new because I had gotten too “fat” for my other clothes.

The photographer put a box in front of me and placed a baby blanket on it. I remember thinking that I wasn’t a baby anymore, so I shouldn’t have a baby blanket in my picture, but I didn’t say anything. He placed my arms on the box and I remember looking at my fingernails. I was so proud that I had been able to stop biting them for long enough for them to grow for the picture.

My Very Proud Fingernails by Laura Moncur 1973

I was four years old.

Tune in tomorrow to read the conclusion of “I Don’t Bite My Fingernails Anymore.”


5 Responses to “I Don’t Bite My Fingernails Anymore – Part 2 of 3”

  1. www.iportion.com Says:

    You were so cute.

  2. keith haylock Says:

    I am nearly seventy years of age and have been in very good health to date,unfortunately I have been a nail biter for at least sixty years to my regret. Recently I started to look after my grandson who surprise surprise started to copy my habit.Obviously it was difficult for me to correct him without some effort on my part.To my surprise I have no biten my nails for about one month and look good for the future,however having had good health to date since stopping the nail biting mmy general heath has not been good,it is almost like a reaction to the nail biting.My question is,does the biten nail somehow contribute to the bodies nutritional needs,which now stopped means that I am loosing some form of intake(witrhdrawl symtoms),I appreciate that this sounds far fetched but true.Regards Keith Haylock

  3. frances Says:

    such a pretty picture 🙂 i feel sad for you about the torment of nail biting and weight. i bite my nails and now im trying to let them grow! Keith Haylock has asked about the nail biting causing a reaction to the body. Some scientists say that nail biters bite the nail because they do not consume enough calcium…

  4. dondee Says:

    Nice nails. I too used to bite my nails, but I got a device from nailbitestopper.com that “prevents” the bite and now I have nice nails too.

  5. Kaylee Says:

    I bite my nails and I wish I could stop biting mine. I wonder how you stopped biting them for so long.

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