Communicatrix Weighs In On Purging

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Colleen WainwrightColleen Wainwright had a stomach incident with a bowl of cherries and it showed her what people who purge deal with on a regular basis.

She has never had a problem with bingeing and purging, but a trip to the porcelain goddess can educate quite well what some put themselves through:

and as I tried not to look
at the film of yuck
coating the porcelain
because seriously,
if I didn’t already have to puke
it would have made me…

it occurred to me:
those skinny, skinny girls
who look so sick to me
probably are.

Probably worse than I know.

Because seriously—
would you do that
if you didn’t have to?

whoever did make them think
they had to—
those are the sick ones.

For me, my bingeing is caused by not taking care of myself. If I limit my calories too drastically, it sets off a binge. If I start talking to myself negatively, I binge. If I let my head get into a sad spot without taking care of my emotions, I binge. It all has little to do with fashion magazines and celebrity gossip. I don’t blame anyone for my eating problems except myself.

It’s nice to know that other people understand a glimmer of how I feel, though.


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