Outlawing Obesity

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This article is talking about governmental regulation of “junk” food.

Not only does this article suggest that the government should create regulation concerning the food industry, it alludes to the idea of creating an environment of “social disapproval” of obesity.

“Several factors have led to a reexamination of the historical view that food consumption and physical activity are inappropriate subjects for government regulation. Among the ‘triggers to action’ that have catalyzed government intervention in other areas of private behavior, such as alcohol and tobacco use, are the development of a scientific base and social disapproval. Both these triggers are now in play with regard to obesity.”

I think that people who are struggling with weight issues have enough disapproval to deal with. We don’t need the government to come in and tell us what is wrong and what is right. If Twinkies are outlawed, then anyone who is overweight will be under scrutiny. People will assume that overweight people are eating “contraband.” Being fat could be excuse enough for a police search of our homes and vehicles.

The last thing I need is the government to watching over every bite I take.

Via: Consumer Health Digest, June 27, 2006


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  1. Meri Says:

    The one area that I have seen this where I agree with it is that in the UK and other countries in Europe, advertising junk food during children’s programming has been banned. The intent, though, is to promote better eating at a young age, which I think is pretty good — although obviously not the only thing that’s needed!

  2. www.iportion.com Says:

    The problem is law makers end up also banning whole milk for small children.

    The only thing I think is junk food ads during children’s TV be banned as well.

  3. Charlie Weiss Says:

    The problem with obesity is it costs all of us. In the future when its time for me to retire will I be shortchanged (and penalized for taking care of myself) on my medical bennifits because of the tremendous number of obesity related illnesses in an aging population? I see it costing the people where I work money out of thier pockets in increased medical benifit costs to cater to a group of lazy fat people that make every excuse in the world as to why thier fat, but refuse to take the responsability to change themselves. I don’t want to hear about “how hard” it is for an overweight person to loose weight. I was a really overweight kid. I realized, on my own (along with a lot of teasing, that is now socialy unacceptable),that this was not healthy and made some real and lifelong changes in the way I viewed myself. People make choices and they should have to suffer the concquenses of those choices. My wife and I have 3 children and we make damn sure that they have, and are, growing up knowing what responsible food choises are. I haven’t had a single one of them tell me that they are being taught a meaningful amout of nutrition in school (being paid for with tax dollars), a place where some education could start. Who is going to draw the line on this eppidemic of gluttony and sloth that is plaguing America?

  4. Laura Moncur Says:


    The idea that fat people are lazy or gluttonous is a fallacy. There are a wide variety of body types and larger people are discriminated against by people like you who think they know what being fat is all about. The fact that you think being fat is socially unacceptable just shows me how much you have to learn.

    Laura Moncur

  5. Dallas Says:

    Laura, You are the one that is short on the learning curve. Fat is fat nothing you say or do will change it.

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