Kobayashi Wins Hot Dog Eating Contest

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Takeru Kobayashi, via Associated PressI struggle with binge eating and even I don’t understand competitive eating events. What possesses someone to try to win a hot dog eating contest and, even more strange, set a world record?

Susan McQuillan, a New York registered dietitian, commented on the amount of food consumed by a competitive eater during competition.

“In twelve minutes, they will consume a week’s worth of calories, 5 times the recommended daily limit for cholesterol, 17 times the daily limit for total fat, 21 times the limit for saturated fat, and more than 2 weeks worth of sodium.”

I don’t think any of my binges have been that amount of found in that short of a time. Why are these competitive eaters shown on ESPN2? They aren’t athletes, they have an eating disorder just like I do.


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  1. www.iportion.com Says:

    Not all the people have the same food hang ups I do. I guess it’s weird, binging as a sport. I’ve had bad binges. To them it’s about being the fastest at something. I guess ooo I could enter an oatmeal eating contest or a veggie eating contest. Zero points :0(

  2. Weight Loss Says:

    I remember watching this guy on tv and man can he throw it down. It is kind of funny that it is called a sport though but the word sports I believe means many things now a days.

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