Ride That Roller Coaster

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When I exercised on my exercise bike last week, I put the camera in front of my face and just started talking. This video is 3:04 minutes and I am talking about hitting rock bottom and getting inspired to eat healthy again.

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I really feel that staying healthy and keeping my bingeing in check is like a roller coaster ride. If I can keep the valleys from going too low, then I’m succeeding. Someday, maybe I’ll be able to get off the roller coaster and eat healthy for the rest of my life without relapses. Until then, I’m just learning to ride that roller coaster.


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  1. Sherry Says:

    I feel your pain. I am EXACTLY the same way. My first rock bottom was 187, the second one was 150. I also have “mini roller coasters” where I’ll do good for a few weeks, then crash for a week, then get back on that high again. I too wish it would just level off. When you do discover it and get it bottled, I’ll be the first to buy it!!!

  2. anet Says:

    i love your movie!!! binging…i hate it to. my stomach hurts from eating too much humms and carrots last night. skinny folks do it to. my husband an REALLY skinny guy will eat too mcuh a couple of times a month–because its there, because its good, because. With me, I am more an autopilot overeater than an actual binger. If you put me infront of CRUNCHY food I will eat until it is gone. If its carrots, chips, hell gravel, I will eat all of it– and invariably that is too much.

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