Being Positive

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Terry has made the choice to live a healthier life. She smartly realizes that shaming someone doesn’t help make them thin, so she is being gentle with herself during this time.

What’s her plan?

“What I’ve been trying to do is be positive about myself right now. I’m only wearing clothes that I feel look good on me. I’m putting on make-up in the morning.”

Next time you think that you have to put a picture of yourself when you were fat on the refrigerator to stop yourself from eating, remember Terry’s advice.

“I’ve read diet books advocating taking a fat picture of yourself and hanging it on the refrigerator to keep you from eating. Sorry, but humiliation just doesn’t work for me. Self-loathing is a terrible thing and comes frighteningly easy to me. It makes me depressed in a way that drugs don’t help. Depression makes me desperate and I stop eating completely, which isn’t a good thing long term.”

Being loving and positive with yourself is really the only way to health.

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