Question of the Week: Loving Yourself

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Imagine the most loving person in the world. Imagine someone who could love you exactly as you are. Pretend to sit next to this person who loves you unconditionally and write down how they would answer these questions:

What is my best feature? Which part of me is the prettiest?

What are my strengths?

What do you respect the most about me?

All of us have greatness within, but sometimes self-loathing makes us blind to what that greatness is. Put aside that self-loathing and be willing to look at yourself with loving eyes. Don’t be worried about being conceited or vain. It won’t happen.

Loving yourself is the first step toward taking care of your body. Take it today.

The Question of the Week is meant to be an Inner Workout for you. Find some time during the week and allow yourself to write the answers to the questions posted. You can write them on paper, on a word processor or here in the comments section. Whatever works for you as long as you do it.

Keep writing until you find out something about yourself that you didn’t know before. I’ve also heard that it works to keep writing until you cry, but that doesn’t really work for me. Whatever works for you. Just keep writing until it feels right.


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  1. Patrick Says:

    I personally have not had as much a problem with self-loathing as I have with pride. I went for quite a few years thinking it was ok for a man to be “stocky”. I had relatives who would tell me I was getting fat when in my eyes I was perfectly content with how I “filled out”. I was quite the skinny kid growing up and even went the route of drinking protein shakes so I could gain weight! The next think I knew I was about 40lbs over the weight I should have been. I did not feel all that fat. I thought I looked fine. However can can understand how someone who is self-loathing can wallow in their pity and feel like giving up. I just wanted to point out that their can be another side of the proverbial coin.

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