Organic Produce: Price vs. Ethics

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The Omnivore\'s Dilemma : A Natural History of Four MealsSome people believe that purchasing organically grown food is an ethical decision. The extra cost of the food guarantees that we are treating the earth kindly. Here is a discussion of these thoughts:

If you are confused or wondering what is best for you, you’re not alone.

“It is difficult for me to grasp all of the implications involved in the complex web of food production: price vs. organic. vs. healthfulness vs. locally-produced vs. sustainable farming vs. economy of scale. I’m fortunate to live in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, which is a richly productive region. During the summer I can buy cheap local produce from roadside stands, produce that tastes better than anything I can buy in a store. (And, of course, we grow many of our own favorites.)”

Somehow, I’ve convinced myself that organic food tastes better. In the case of vegetables, that’s usually the case. I don’t know if it’s because organic markets keep their food fresher or if I’ve somehow fooled myself. I guess it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that I’m eating my fruits and vegetables, whether they are organic or not.


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