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CalorieKing Handheld Diet Diary Screen ShotsI found out about CalorieKing.com from PalmGear. They were selling a Palm handheld calorie counter and I was looking for a new one, so I tried it. I was unimpressed because it crashed my Treo a couple of times and the Palm software didn’t sync with the PC software, so I didn’t purchase it.

I promptly forgot about CalorieKing until Jeremy Zawodny recommended them in his weblog entry, “The Diet Plan and The Three Habits“. I worried that I might have been a little rash in discounting them, so I looked at them again.

Jeremy was right about CalorieKing. They have a MASSIVE database of food and you can search it from their website, but their software leaves a lot to be desired. I wanted to be able to set up my weight and have it find my metabolic rate automatically. Then I wanted to tell it my goal and have it tell me how many calories a day I should eat. Instead, it just told me that I should eat a certain number of calories a day without any other ability to tweak it. It just wasn’t the software for me.

Additionally, the fact that the Palm and the PC software didn’t sync (whereas the PC software syncs with their monthly web program) was the final decision-maker for me. I don’t want to pay a monthly fee to keep track of my food. I just want to put my food on my Palm and be able to view it on the PC sometimes. Maybe even print it out and put it in my journal or show it to a nutritionist.

CalorieKing wasn’t for me, but it might be for you. They allow a free trial download with a 7-Day trial, so you can check it out for free. And as always, you can just look up any food you want for free, which is what Jeremy recommended in the first place.

Want to try out CalorieKing? Here’s where they are:


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  1. earme Says:

    Laura, have you seen sparkpeople.com. They’re free and once you sign up you can do lots of fitness stuff online. It will recommend a calorie range based on your current weight, how much you workout a week and how much you want to lose a week or by a certain day. It’s really a nifty site.

  2. david james Says:

    mmmmm was alittle disappointed in Lauras review. Having been a long time user of Ck’s products it is obvious that no real trial of the program took place. The Palm DOES sync up and down with the PC program. As my doctor pointed out, that no software can tell u an accurate metabolic rate. ck seems to be the only pdt recommended by health professionals and for obvious reasons, apart from the fact that it is without doubt the eaqsiest to use, it dosn’t delude people into thinking that a pressing a button will give them a metobolic rate. It’s the best-seller in its field and a proper trial of it and competing products makes it quite obvious!And the reason Laura that its been recommended as the best db is quite true and u dont want to spend half your life entering in basic foods. In competing pdtsthey are sadly lacking.

  3. Lisa Rosenthal Says:

    Very hard to work with. Our Dr. sent us to this website for cholesterol diet plans and I’m @ a loss. Please advise us if you can thank you.


    Lisa Rosenthal

  4. Mark Says:

    I am using Calorieking and for the most part, it works well. The ability to edit food items is very limited and it refuses to sync “My Foods” on the Palm with “Custom Foods” on the desktop and vice-versa. I have to enterevery twice if the programs are to match. Poor programing is evident and no real help is available unless you pay additional money to become a CalorieKing on-line member. This on top of the price for the desktop program and Palm software smacks of greed.

  5. tim Says:

    I am on free trial for CK. Seems they want you to sign up and pay 7 bucs a month , but they make a nice attempt to hide the fact you have to pay 45 bucs for the software to keep a record of the food you eat.This seems like a rip off. They should tell you up front. They suck my carrot stick.

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