Beach Life and Swimming Suit Season

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Swimming Suit Season…

Most of us don’t live near either of the two oceans that flank the United States, yet Swimming Suit Season is something that most of us prepare for. Whether we are expected to hang out at the beach, go to the lake or attend a barbeque at the neighbor’s pool party, all of us would like to look stunning in a swimsuit.

I looked through the Flickr photos and found a bunch of motivational pictures that inspired me to keep exercising and eating healthy. Here are my favorites here:

Eating healthy and exercise is about living longer, not just about physical appearance. This time of the year, our physical appearance can be more in focus because more of our bodies are revealed. Keeping a healthy balance of eating to be healthy and eating to be thin is something that I am continually working on. It’s nice to have something to motivate me, though.


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  1. vh Says:

    Summer never motivated me I used to hide in the summer.

    PS I wish they sold more one piece swimming and bathing suits.

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