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Cool Hunting got a hold of screen shots and a bunch more information about the Nike+iPod.

It answered some of my questions that I had:

  • The software IS a web-based program that syncs to the nikeplus.com website.

  • You can get the input on your iPod screen. No word on whether you can turn off the voice response or not.

  • It looks like you don’t have to wear Nike shoes for it to work, you just need to figure out how to put the sensor in your shoes.

I tried the pre-order again and it works now, but you HAVE to buy the shoes in order to buy the NikePlus kit. One-hundred bucks is just too much for a pair of running shoes.

It doesn’t look like Nike is charging a monthly fee to track your workouts online, but there is nothing that says that they don’t.


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  1. Lizzie Says:

    I am a little upset that it is only for nano, while I just paid $$$ for a video ipod. I do, however, understand that the disc in the larger ones is more easily damaged when bounced around.

    I wonder if apple would be willing to give you one set for review like the water clip people did.

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