UltraLife Fitness Goes Underground

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The Utah Better Business Bureau cited UltraLife Fitness, Trugenix and Trugenix Hoodia as websites that have been scamming people.

They were using the popular method of giving people “free” diet pills and then charging them for a “membership” in a club in which they send pills every month. We’ve talked about this method of scamming people before:

Now, that the BBB of Utah has singled them out, they have gone underground. Their websites are offline and they are no where to be found. If you thought you could get your money back on that “money back guarantee” you’re out of luck because they’re gone.

That’s how it works for most diet pill scammers. They set up shop, sell a bunch of pills and then disappear when the FTC or BBB come knocking on their door. Don’t let yourself be a victim. There is no pill out there that will help you lose weight without diet and exercise. If you have to diet and exercise anyway, do it without the pills.

To see some of the responses people have given Truegenix Hoodia, see Rate The Offers:

Via: Consumer Health Digest, May 9, 2006


One Response to “UltraLife Fitness Goes Underground”

  1. vh Says:

    There us more Hoodia being sold than is available so most people who buy it aren’t really getting it


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