Pressured to Eat?

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Cheryl Koch, R.D. has some great tips on how to eat healthy when you are in social situations where you might feel pressured to eat.

Here is a quick list of her recommendations:

  • Plan ahead
  • Drink plenty of water at any social occasion featuring food.
  • Add some bulk.
  • Take a good look before you make a decision.
  • Take it slow

The most important of these items is to plan ahead. Asking what will be served so you can save your calories for it or eat at home instead is the key to success. Go over the event in your head before you arrive and visualize yourself eating healthy.


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  1. VH Melville Says:

    Thanks, I needed a little motivation today. My workout was uninspired yesterday. I am afraid my eating will follow.

    VH Melville

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