Pine Nut Fervor

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Nutritional Info for Pine NutsAdding yet another “magic” food to the list, Korean pine nuts are being touted as a weight loss food.

The expert, Dr. Jennifer L. Causey, explains to Reuters why pine nuts are supposed to help manage weight.

“Health ingredients such as pine nut lipids from natural origins can help with a weight management program by producing a feeling of fullness, potentially allowing for one to consume less calories and thus impact weight loss.”

At 150 calories for just a 1/4 cup, pine nuts are full of protein, fat and carbs. They SHOULD reduce your hunger and produce a feeling of fullness, just like a similar serving of anything with the same macronutrients.

Dr. Jennifer L. Causey works for a company in Idaho called Lipid Nutrition. They sell products that are supposed to aid in weight loss, “natural defense”, infant nutrition, cardiovascular health and memory improvement. After looking at their website, it appears that they have more to sell you than just pine nuts from Korea.

I don’t believe that Korean pine nuts are any better at curbing your appetite than any other food and I REALLY don’t believe that any pills from Lipid Nutrition are going to help you lose weight any better than just watching your diet and exercising regularly.

Whenever a news story hits the market promising that a “super” food is going to help you lose weight, look behind the glib quotes to see who is sponsoring the research. Who is paying the research scientist to announce the benefits of the super food. I will be surprised if we don’t see a pill coming out from Lipid Nutrition that contains pine nut oil.

Via: Korean pine nuts can help curb appetite – Slashfood


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