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I found an old entry on Kathy Sierra’s weblog called Fitness Hacks for Geeks. She talks about the kinds of gadgets that can keep a computer-obsessed person interested in exercise.

Here is her list of items that can make you more excited about exercise.

  • Use an iPod
  • Use a heart rate monitor
  • Use an accelerometer
  • Log it and blog it
  • Dance Dance Revolution on PlayStation 2 or Xbox

I have never tried exercising with an accelerometer (or a GPS), so I don’t know how inspirational it might be. I also have never really blogged about my daily workouts. When I find a weblog that just lists the daily workouts of the writer, I tend to shove them into the “this is personal and not for me” category and never read them again. I guess I think that no one really cares what I do for exercise.

I don’t know why I assume that people care about what I THINK about exercise, but that’s another story…

If you have been feeling a little unmotivated to get your workouts done, you might want to try one of Kathy’s suggestions. More importantly, what do YOU do to keep motivated and interested in exercise?


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  1. VH Melville Says:

    Thanks for passing it on I like the idea of being a fit geek. Geeks and nerds are cool


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