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If you were to write a secret postcard to PostSecret about weight, exercise or eating, what would it be?

How would you feel if your secret evaporated the second you wrote it here?

The Question of the Week is meant to be an Inner Workout for you. Find some time during the week and allow yourself to write the answers to the questions posted. You can write them on paper, on a word processor or here in the comments section. Whatever works for you as long as you do it.

Keep writing until you find out something about yourself that you didn’t know before. I’ve also heard that it works to keep writing until you cry, but that doesn’t really work for me. Whatever works for you. Just keep writing until it feels right.


2 Responses to “Question of the Week”

  1. VH Melville Says:
    1. I am beautiful despite what I gained, lost or ate.
      1. I want to punish the person who invented the cliché “Nothing tastes better than thin.” I like to be healthy and a life without tastes just makes me sick.
    2. It never goes away this preoccupation with food. It just hits me over and over.
  2. You Can Do It ! Says:

    Secret: I am afraid that I well gain all my weight back and then everyone would look at me and say while smiling “I told you so.”

    For 2 years, I have kept off the 112 pounds I lost. I don’t want this secret to evaporate because it is one of the many things I am sure that I am using to help keep the weight off. I guess it is no different then when people hang “fat” pictures of themselves around the house to help support their decision not to regain the weight back, which is something I can’t do. I can’t even look at a before picture of myself………..I guess that is secret number “2”.

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