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Click Here To Watch Video ConfessionalMike was out of the house and I was struggling. I wanted to binge while he was gone and couldn’t see me. I sat down with my camera and had a 33-minute conversation. Here is the 1:48 minutes that are worth listening to.

I wish I could say that I’m completely over bingeing, but I’m not. It’s easier today than it was five years ago, and I’m hoping that it will be easier tomorrow than it is today.


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  1. VH Melville Says:

    I have binge moments even now when I want to binge. Infact right now I am in binge mode. I decided to eat a low point salad then do some exercising. I now I am not letting down my husband since he said if I gained 100 Back tomorrow I’d still have him. His kindess makes me want to be healthy. I don’t want diabetes. We both realized that was the path I was heading towards.

  2. S. Moore Says:

    You said near the end that you must be hungry for something if you’re trying to feed yourself, you’re just not hungry for food. Have you considered that it might be spiritual hunger? Jesus wants to remove this burden from you and will if you let him. I am recovering from my bingeing behavior, and what helps me most is reading the Bible and worship. I find great comfort in the living Word of God.

  3. Tish Grier Says:

    I understand your “hunger.” With me, it’s because I’m bored. There’s not enough stimulus for me where I live, and I’m not making the income where I could move to a more exciting venue. Understanding the source of the hunger makes such a difference and helped me to differentiate between real hunger and life-hunger. Finding more “life,” however, is the challenge.

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