Vat Grown Meat

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In the science fiction books of Lois McMaster Bujold, the more “civilized” planets produce “vat grown meat”, which is genetically produced meat tissue. All of the flavor, vitamins and fat with none of the cruelty. It looks like there is a patent registered with the United States for this process.

If this is process can be refined and made feasibly available, I would be a very happy camper. I enjoy eating meat, even though I also feel a responsiblity to animals. It’s hard for me to even consider giving up meat, even though I know that our planet’s resources could be put to better use if we weren’t feeding so many cows grain that could be used to feed humans. If they invented vat grown meat, I would choose it over conventionally grown meat every time, even if it cost twice the money.

I’ve been waiting for this invention for about ten years. Get it on the market already!

Via: Patently Silly :: Method for Producing Tissue Engineered Meat for Consumption


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  1. hathorne Says:

    Mycoprotein, a meat substitute marketed as “Quorn,” is basically a vat-grown mold. I like it, but it makes some people sick.

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