Raw Food Enzymes and Quackwatch

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I’ve read so many websites and books about Raw Foods because I’m looking for some proof. They make claims that cooking food depletes the enzymes in food that is necessary for humans. It sounded like quackery to me, especially since none of them quoted any medical studies.

Thanks to one of my readers, Barry, the reason it sounds like quackery is because it is:

Dr. Stephen Barrett has written an article about a specific product, Nu-zymes, but it also addresses the idea of raw food and enzymes. Here are the best quotes:

“Enzymes in food cannot remedy a lack of cellular enzymes. All plant and animal products contain enzymes. They are responsible for both growth and post-harvest deterioration (wilting, discoloration, rancidity, etc.). They have nothing to do with the digestive process after food is consumed.”

“Raw food contains no enzymes needed for digestion. All the enzymes needed for human digestion are made in the body.”

That finishes it for me. I won’t be jumping into a diet of strictly raw foods. Sure, the food at the raw food bar tasted really good, but it’s not any more healthy than the same food boiled or microwaved.


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  1. rheanna Says:

    Humans discovered how to create fire a few thousand years ago. Humans discovered that cooking foods make for easier eating/chewing and lots more enjoyment. Human populations spread to all parts of the world except the poles. Humans are very good at figuring out which of the local foods are digestible — that is, humans are, as a species, very good at being healthy on a variety of diets.

    There is no one diet that can be called the ONE that is the healthiest for EVERY human on the planet. The folks far in the north, where veggies don’t grow, eat mostly meat and fat. Many of the folks in Asia have lived for bazillions of generations eating vegetarian/vegan. A few people have decided that they would rather not cook their food. Personally, I like my veggies cooked.

    Good for you, Laura, for checking out the claims made by advocates for various diets.


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