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Pace 12:00I’m usually watching a movie while I’m running on the treadmill, so I rarely notice what is flashing on the dashboard of the treadmill. The other day, I was listening to music while running, so there was nothing for my eyes to do but stare at the screen. I was surprised at what I saw.

My usual workout is a warm up and a constant run at 5 mph with 0 incline. It’s a run I’ve been doing for the last few months because it reliably gets my heart rate in the high intensity zone. It’s also a goal that I set for myself a long time ago.

I didn’t realize that I had achieved this goal when I achieved it. It was logged in my head as, “Hmm, if I keep the speed at 5 mph, my heart rate stays in the high intensity zone… cool…” That’s about all I thought about it when I first achieved my goal, because long ago, I had decided I wanted to be able to run 12 minute miles, not 5 mph.

The only gym class I ever got an A that I deserved was Jogging. All we had to do was run around the auditorium 12 times (2 miles) every class. At the end of each quarter, the teacher timed us. If we could run a mile in 12 minutes, we got an A. It was that simple and I got my first A in gym without using feminine wiles (getting an A in Dance counts as feminine wiles, by the way).

Before I ever conceived of joining Weight Watchers, I decided that I was going to start exercising every day. We had a treadmill and my goal was to get to the point where I could easily run 12 minute miles, just like in my Jogging class. I weighed 235 pounds. It was 1998.

I wore out that first treadmill, which was very nicely replaced by another treadmill under the warranty, which was also worn out and replaced last year with my Nordictrack. Three treadmills, eight years and 75 pounds later, I finally reached my goal and I didn’t even notice it when it happened. It wasn’t until weeks later when I watched the dashboard on the treadmill flash between the workout time and the pace. I noticed the green numbers reading:

Pace 12:00

I had set the goal so clearly in my mind that it didn’t even surprise me when I FINALLY made it. It was as if I had already made it when I set the goal. Back then, I thought that the only class I had ever deserved an A in was Jogging, so I’m going to learn how to run again and I’m going to earn an A again. I know I can do it because I did it once before.

What have you achieved in your life that you are proud of? I know there must be at least one thing in your life that you deserved as much as I deserved that A in my Jogging class. Remember that time and use it as an inspiration. If you were able to do that, just think about what else you can do. If, after three treadmills, eight years and 75 pounds, I can finally achieve my goal that I set back in 1998, I can get to goal. The same goes for you. If you were able to make yourself proud so long ago, then you can do it now.


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