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24 Hour Fitness Xpress ZoneShe was extolling the virtues of Curves. I nodded politely while she described the circle of machines and the overhead announcements when it’s time to change. There is one within walking distance of our houses, so I was interested. The idea of going to a gym that only allowed women sounded unpleasant to me, but I kept that opinion to myself.

“It only takes 30 minutes to go through the circle twice and then I’m done.”

I nodded and agreed, “Yeah, 24 Hour Fitness has something like that. All the blue and yellow machines are in a line and you go down the line working each part of your body. I like it. They’re good machines as long as there isn’t someone just sitting there like a zombie instead of moving on like they’re supposed to.”

“At Curves, there is something on the overhead speakers that tells you when you’re supposed to change.”

“What are the machines like?”

“They are hydraulic things. Kind of like what keeps the door closed. “ She pointed at my screen door and I nodded again. “When you push harder on them, they give you more resistance.”

“At 24 Hour Fitness, they are real machines with weights that you can set. I don’t know why I don’t go there and do the workout. It’s so close. I should really do some weight training. It’s the only thing I haven’t really worked on.”

The next day, I went to my gym and did the Xpress Zone workout. Two days later, I was popping ibuprofen to dull the pain. I forgot how much it hurts to start weight training. I have been working out twice a week now for two weeks. I haven’t seen any results yet, but it has only been two weeks. I am going to give it two months of consistency and see how much I like it. It’s the final piece of the exercise puzzle that I haven’t tried yet, so I’ll keep you updated.


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  1. Eh... not so much Says:

    Just got back from Bodypump class at my local gym. Man, it looks like fun, but it’s serious work!

  2. Tom Says:

    Keep going. That initial muscle soreness was the wake up call to your body.

    Two months of consistency of working out at the gym, and you’re going to love it!

    You will have more toned muscle that burns more calories, even when you’re just sitting around.

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