Numbing Your Emotions

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Historians have believed that Beethoven, Van Gogh, and even Mozart were insane. At times, they stifled their out of control emotions with drugs or alcohol, but most of the time, they only had their art to express their insanity.

For a lot of us, we use food to stuff down our out of control emotions. We aren’t even insane, yet we binge so that we don’t have to feel whatever we are feeling. I know that if I’m worried, stressed or feel threatened or unprotected, my urge is to binge on whatever food is around. It doesn’t have to be yummy, it just has to be there.

Lately, though, I’ve been thinking that I owe it to myself to deal with my emotions. If I sit down and write about my feelings, I usually end up with something that is worth posting on one of my websites. It’s better for me if I avoid stifling my emotions with my drug of choice: food.

What would our world be like if Beethoven, Mozart or Van Gogh had stifled their emotions with food? If they had been able to hide from their turbulent minds, would we have the timeless works of art that we have now? Probably not.

You owe it to yourself to deal with your emotions and stop using food to hide them. You owe it to humanity. Just think, there may be great works of art waiting to come out of you if you would only stop hiding behind this wall of fat.


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  1. Taylor Says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing your insights. I totally agree. It’s not just food either. I think it comes down to all compulsive, escapist behaviors. It might be food, drugs, over exercising, over working, sleeping too much, etc, etc…The list goes on and on. I think true health comes when we are aware of those behaviors we run to when our emotions become “too much,” and having the strength to redirect ourselves towards a healthier choice. Then we can really share ourselves honestly with humanity.

  2. Delores Says:

    I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in dealing with emotions. But not use food to comfort ourselves I think is a forever struggle. Since food involves every aspect of our lives whether we’re with family, friends or alone. After I notice I’ve been using food and try to redirect my emotions and actions. I’ve noticed whatever the situation happens to be at the time that causes me to either over eat or eat wrongly. I physically have to remove myself from that place and NEVER return. And I feel another move is coming on. But at least this time I’m more aware now when and what triggers my emotions that might lead to eating wrong, overeating or even eating at the wrong time, like when I’m not hungry. And just maybe one day soon hopefully I can conquer this over weight thing of carrying around an extra load of 45-50lbs.

  3. Daniel Gomez Says:

    Food? Most people I know use other things to deal with their emotions, alcohol, drugs sex or shopping. I deal with my emotions by going to the park for walks

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