Is Swanson Trying To Soften The Blow?

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Hungry Man Sports GrillI’ve received the following comments on my entry about the Hungry Man Sports Grill:

Alison said:

Who cares how fattening it is; it tastes soo damn good. I am a girl and a college athlete, ha the other day I ate two haha. It has quickly became my new favorite TV diner. GO SWANSON

Matthew said:

This line is da bomb. All tv dinners suck but these are actually edible and the cheese fries are quite tasty, do em in the oven though the microwave just makes em soggy.

I really don’t know what to think about these comments. The one from Matthew is particularly interesting to me because he states, “This line is da bomb.” That sounds innocuous enough, but how many people actually think of groups of TV dinners as a “line”? Only marketing people and people who SELL TV dinners think of them as a “line”.

Are these comments just a ploy from Swanson to try to soften the hard truth that one of their products has as many calories and fat for an entire day?


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  1. Jen Says:

    My husband used to eat the regular hungry men dinners for lunch every day. This was prior to the creation of the deluxe 1 lb. models. After I mentioned the high calories many times one day he finally flipped the box over and checked it out for himself(don’t recall what those run but I know it was alot). He has since been eating Healthy Choice lunches which are usually 300-400 calories and he has lost some weight.

    By the way, I am your husband’s cousin. I found your site one day looking for some Moncur info on the web and I work for a Fitness company so I was interested and started reading. I really enjoy it!

  2. Mark Says:

    Did the two comments originate from the same IP address, or the same city? If this is an example of astroturfing, it’s hilarious: “ha,” “haha,” “TV diner,” “GO SWANSON,” run-on sentences. It’s like they studied the sort of comments that the average person makes, and then tried to dumb themselves down to sound more realistic. I can’t stand the subliterate comments I get on my site, and I edit them to sound intelligent, whether the commenters like it or not.

    Reading the two comments together, they have that suspicious smell that fake Amazon reviews have: Both the same length, and short. It takes too much work to write anything longer when you’re faking it.

  3. Laura Moncur Says:

    They were two different IP addresses, so maybe they are just two people who really love Swanson. It’s such an old entry, I find it hard to believe that there are that many Swanson fans who are willing to defend their choice of meal. Both comments just seem fishy to me.

  4. Randee Says:

    You might find this Swanson explication: “Breakfast From Hell” amusing:


    Makes me wanna swear off all frozen meals forever. Oh, wait, I really don’t eat them anyway.

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