CES: Tacx Videos for Your Bike Trainer

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The road to Pla-d'Adet in the PyreneesTacx, the maker of the virtual reality bike trainers, has released three DVDs that you can watch while you ride your bike on a normal bike trainer.

  • Alpine Classic Marmotte – France
  • Mallorca Tour – Spain
  • Lombardy Tour – Italy

Each of these videos are $29.90, which is much cheaper than the $800 price tag for the virtual reality trainer for your computer. These DVDs might be a great compromise between true virtual reality and simulated reality.

Click Here for the Tacx Video Website:


4 Responses to “CES: Tacx Videos for Your Bike Trainer”

  1. Egil Norderhaug Says:


    I have to ask : Can the dvd be played on ordinary dvd players ?

  2. Bill Says:

    Will your DVD Alpine classic play on my DVD pyayer,so that I can trane in front of my big screen TV ?

  3. Gabriel Says:

    Will your DVD’s from TACX play on ordinary dvd players? I would like to buy them but I want to make sure they play on regular dvd players… Thank you…

  4. Laura Moncur Says:


    You’ve reached Starling Fitness. We don’t create the TACX videos. They are available here:


    They aren’t a U.S. company and I have never purchased anything from them, so I can’t tell you whether their videos will work in U.S. DVD players.

    The Starling Fitness DVDs, however, WILL work in a normal DVD player. You can find them here:


    I have tried using them with my exercise bike and they seem to work okay. They are WALKING videos, so when I use them with my bike, it feels like I’m going up a steep hill. Plus, on some of the videos, there are stairs, which break my suspension of disbelief. Other than that, they’re great workout videos.

    Best wishes, Laura Moncur

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