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XaviX PowerBoxing GameThe next XaviX game I tried was the Jackie Chan Studio Fitness PowerBoxing. Unlike the other game, this one didn’t look like it was made specifically for Jackie Chan. The boxing looks like a normal boxing game and doesn’t involve any kicking, only punching. I found it to be quite fun, but it wasn’t very aerobic. My heart rate was only in the medium intensity range. I didn’t have to punch as hard as I did for the BodyForce controller. I think the intensity could be increased a little by adding wrist weights, but this game is basically a game that’s active instead of a workout.

The XaviX Console with the PowerBoxing Game

PowerBoxing GlovesThe game comes with the XaviX game cartridge (including the boxing glove sensor) and two boxing gloves. It is available for $59.99 at the XaviX Webstore. The gloves are light weight. I noticed that XaviX also sells a different set of gloves with wrist weights attached in a “Power Up” set. You could do the same with a normal set of wrist weights.

Underside of the Boxing GloveThe cool thing about these gloves is that they don’t fully enclose your hands, so they are less likely to get sweaty. If you enjoy the boxing game, full gloves would get hot and uncomfortable pretty quickly, but I didn’t have any trouble with these things.

As I mentioned before, the graphics on the XaviX machine are fairly simplistic, so don’t expect to play it on your HDTV and not notice the pixelation. No matter how primitive the graphics were, however, it still felt good to send that guy down for the count!

Down For The Count!

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  1. Donatello Says:

    Hey, thanks for the review! I was googling around looking for reviews for this thing, after seeing it in a magazine ad.

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