U.S. Life Expectancy

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Here is the first sentence of the linked article:

U.S. life expectancy has hit another all-time high (77.6 years) and deaths from heart disease, cancer and stroke continue to drop, the government reported Thursday.

Here is the second paragraph:

Still, the march of medical progress has taken a worrisome turn: Half of Americans in the 55-to-64 age group (including the oldest of the baby boomers) have high blood pressure, and two in five are obese. That means they are in worse shape in some respects than Americans born a decade earlier were when they were that age.

You can read the full article here:

I find it fascinating that these two sentences sit alongside each other in one article, from the Associated Press, no less. Despite the fact that deaths from diseases are dropping, the article still spews the propaganda that obesity is an epidemic that will kill us all. Our life expectancy just increased, yet they are still screaming that obesity is a disease that must be stopped. Don’t let them fool you.

The insurance companies, Social Security and Medicare are all worried about the large group of baby boomers that deserve the benefits that they have been paying for their entire lives. They are trying to find any loophole they can to exclude people and obesity is the one they are touting as the scurge of the health care industry.

Getting healthy and strong is important, but BMI isn’t the most accurate measure of health and strength. Don’t let the propaganda get you down. Make healthy decisions and live a strong life. Fight obesity prejudice wherever you find it.


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