How To Handle Neighbor Treats

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You see them almost every day. Maybe they wave at you when you get into your car in the morning. Maybe you talk over the latest on those warm summer evenings. You know their first names and they offer to take care of your dog when you go on vacation. And… they bring huge plates of yummy treats to you for Christmas.

How To Handle Neighbor Treats:

  • Accept Them Graciously: They are just trying to say thank you for being a good neighbor. They don’t need to know that you haven’t eaten chocolate for three months. Graciously thank them for the present and be glad that they spelled your name right.

  • Decide What You Want: Do they look good? Do you even want to keep them? If you do, separate out your portion from the rest of the family’s portion.

  • Regift Them: If you don’t want them, send them to someone else. There is no shame in regifting. When they ask if you baked them, tell them no, but you hope they like them.

  • Freeze Your Portion and Ration Them Out: Decide how many calories a day you can spend on treats and separate them into daily servings. Freeze any servings that will take you longer than a week to eat. This way, you can enjoy your Christmas present well into January.

  • Worst Case Scenario – Throw Them Away: If you can’t regift them and you seem to be unable to ration your portion out, then throw them away. It’s better for them to go to waste than to go to your waist.

Because I have been eating healthy for so long, we rarely get neighbor treats anymore, but when we do, I look forward to giving myself a rare gift every once and a while. I have finally learned how to live with tempting foods and deal with them in a healthy manner. You can do it too!


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  1. Wendy Bumgardner Says:

    Great tips! I’ve been pretty successful until this week in keeping away from treats, but my husband’s commute buddy gave him a plate of cookies and fudge that is slowly being consumed – faster by me than by him, of course.

    A box of chocolate truffles went directly to the staff meetings and potluck, where they were swiftly consumed.

    Luckily others gave small jars of jam – those are much easier to avoid since we don’t keep any bread or rolls in the house to use them on, and they are great for regifting.

    Another neighbor left me a box of tangerines, and I already had my own supply, so those I took to the nursing home unit at my medical center for the staff and residents.

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