Learn The Major Muscle Groups

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This exercise and muscle directory is a comprehensive list of all the major muscle groups, exercises to work them out and stretches to help cool down. It’s the first place I turn to when the stretch that I’m using isn’t working for a particular muscle.

I’m not really into weight training, but if I were, this would be the place to find new exercises for each muscle. There are small animated movies for some of the exercises, showing proper form to prevent injury.

This sort of training would have been so helpful in one of those gym classes that I took over the years. The weight training class would have been especially helped by this knowledge. This is your chance to learn the major muscle groups and what to do if they hurt and need stretching or how to exercise them to increase their size.

No one said that you get to stop learning when you get out of school. Here is a huge list of things to find out about your own body. Enjoy!


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  1. Mark Says:

    As a former obese person myself, I cannot stress how important it is to learn how to properly work the major muscle groups. What’s such a crime is how many fakes, morons and rip-off artist are now in the personal training business. It use to be that a PT was a great source of good info, but in the last few years many of them are only worried about making a buck. So “buyer beware”, and please do your own research!

  2. Mike Berendt Says:

    I need to copy some diagrams of major muscle groups to post in our weight room at each lifting station.

    Can you help me?

  3. becky colbert Says:

    need diagram of major muscles for h2o aerobics

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