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View book details at AmazonI found this book, the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide, at Barnes and Noble the other day and I thought it would make a wonderful Christmas present for young adults who are going out into the world on their own. When Mike and I were first married, our health insurance company gave us a book called Taking Care of Yourself. I have tried to find this book at stores and online so I could give it as a gift, but I’ve never been able to track it down. This book from Harvard Medical Center is what that Taking Care of Yourself book was copying, I’m almost sure of it.

The best part of this book are the Symptom Flow Charts. If you are having chest pain, you need to know whether you’re having a heart attack or heartburn. The first time I ever had heart burn, I seriously thought I was dying of a heart attack. Mike took out that book and we followed the flow chart. Based on what I was feeling, I was so glad to know that I was just having heart burn and all we needed to do was find a good antacid.

We have referred to those Symptom Flow Charts so many times over the years and I really feel like that book has taught me more about my body than the stupid Health class that they made us take in high school. It kind of makes me mad that my Health class didn’t teach me more and leave me with a Symptom Flow Chart of my own making. It all goes to show that learning is a life-long affair, not something that just happens in school.

The reason that I think the book I have, Taking Care of Yourself, was based on the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide is because the Harvard one is so much better and more detailed. Both the Symptom Flow Charts and the supplemental materials had more facts and information. It’s the first book that I ever considered worthy of taking the place of my beloved little, Taking Care of Yourself book.

If you know someone who is on their own for the first time in their lives, this would make an excellent present. I can’t imagine how many unnecessary trips to the doctor I would have taken if it hadn’t been for those Symptom Flow Charts. Here is a non-judgmental way to give the gift of Health this year.


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