Tastes Change, Even If You’re a Foodie

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Hostess Chocolate CupcakesThe foodie weblogs are fun to read and sometimes I find something interesting to write about. Imagine my surprise when a person who is unashamedly addicted to food voiced my same feelings about processed food.

Sarah Gilbert explained that her once-beloved treat from childhood, the Hostess Cupcake, was no longer something she had any desire for. It wasn’t about health or fitness or diet. It was about the taste of the food. She has eaten the best of the cupcakes from the finest bakeries around the country. Hostess just doesn’t do it for her anymore.

Ironically, the finest cupcakes from the elite bakeries around the country probably have about the same amount of calories and fat as the Hostess variety. If I’m going to spend that many calories on something, it better be the best.


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  1. Eh... not so much Says:

    “If I’m going to spend that many calories on something, it better be the best.”

    My husband & I went out to a very fine restaurant last night, and they served these wonderful freshly-made rolls. They were SO delicious! I never eat bread anymore, but if you’re going to eat it, THAT’s the kind you should eat.

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