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John Galliano proves fat can be beautiful.This photo is stunning. John Galliano’s spring show included this fabulously beautiful model among his waifs. He also included older models, a dwarf and other extremes of the human form. The reviewer stated that the show “evoked a carnival sideshow.” I don’t know if that is what John Galliano was shooting for, but I don’t care.

For once, he showed that fat and beautiful are not mutually exclusive descriptions. This woman is drop dead gorgeous and I want to own that dress, even though I have no where to wear it. Even if he was trying to promote a freak show atmosphere, I don’t care. Fat AND beautiful women were no longer invisible for this one show. They say that the show attendees laughed when the models walked out on the runway. I’d rather be visible and laughed at than invisible and ignored.

I’m not a slave to the fashion world. Before reading this article, I had never heard the name John Galliano. The only reason I know who Karl Lagerfeld is because he lost a lot of weight. I think I’ve ignored the fashion world because they never made clothes for me when I was fat. Now that I’m thin, they can keep their clothes. I’d keep shopping at Lane Bryant if I could because they were there for me when I really needed them.

For once, a designer has acknowledged that fat women can be spectacular, sexy and gorgeous. Thanks, John Galliano.

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30 Responses to “Fat AND Beautiful”

  1. john Says:

    It doesn’t bother you that he included dwarfs and other “extreme forms” of human life? I think it was totally a carnival sideshow. Kudus to the designer who includes plus sized models because it represents a typical consumer not because he wants to be outrageous.

  2. Cez Says:

    wel I think that what he dus is try and be different and givs every1 a bit of hope , it shows that beautiful people don’t nessisarily need 2 fall in2 the stik thin model catogry. I luv fashion nd I’d luv 2 b a model bt I’m not the perfect size 6 b4 I saw this it haunted me cin this I feel a bit mor conmftable in my skin mayb I cangt 2 wer I wna b!

  3. Victoria Says:

    I’m with you. What a sideshow but the media thought he was going pro-fat. Give me a break. Put a size 14 in there and we have lift-off, not a spectacle.

  4. Ria Ralf Says:

    Now, I am not a size 2…or 4…or 8…or 10…I am a 12, but I have been as big as a 16 and as tiny as an 8. Guess what? I look beautiful no matter what number the dress tab says.

  5. Raine Says:

    Big isn’t beautiful, and fat models are not only a oxymoron but ridiculous and laughable. A size 12 isn’t “beautiful” it is unhealthy. What should be embraced is not “size” but what is HEALTHY. A woman of a size 14 is not healthy, a woman of a size 00 is probably not healthy either. People should not look at their BMI (which is not accurate) but their Body Fat Percentage. If your BFP is over 30 (like those fat models) you are at risk, is your waist measures more than 35 inches (the average American woman’s is 36) then steps should be taken to lose weight, not for vanity, but for their lives. But since this is about vanity, this story is a statement on what is beautiful, I guess what I should say is that beautiful is size 2-4 is perfect. I wouldn’t watch a fashion show full of flabby and sadly overweight people. If i wanted to see that I would walk down the street to the local DQ.

  6. Shelby Says:

    The flaws about being skinny are, that you CANT fill out the dress, Its gross to look at your ribs hanging out, and most of the time they think that they’re better than everybody else…

  7. Emma Says:

    Would you really go to a fashion show and watch a load of fat people walk down the catwalk? NO. And are all the models claimed to be beautiful .. are any of them fat? No! People above size 10 look disgusting. I’m sorry I just feel that is te truth. There is a lot of pressure to be thin these days and being anorexic myself .. I just think that these pictures shouldn’t be published.

  8. Laura Moncur Says:


    You’re not really in a position to be able to judge what is beautiful right now.

    Get healed from your eating disorder and come back later.


  9. Lindsay Says:

    Fat is fat, it is unhealthy, clogging on the veins, and unbecoming. No large person is healthy, if they where then it wouldn’t be called fat. Fat people are at risk of heart attacks, stroke, and higher rate of getting a broken bone from the weight of their body. Fat is not beautiful, it is a sign of eating to much, not excursing, low level of self esteem, and health problems.

  10. Lindsay Says:

    Also, being to skinny is nasty to… the normal sizes for women very on height… and that doesn’t mean size 12… I am 6ft, 163lbs, and wear a size 7… I find that to be healthy.

    So fat people who say its their bone structure… please… thats a lie to make themselves feel better.

    Skinny people making fun of fat people do it to cover up their self hate…

  11. Lydia Says:

    Seriously… why are you worried about how fat we are? Are you fat Raine? I bet not… whats your middle name… Sky? I bet your a size 2 and do nothing but bash on other people.

    FYI.. i’m 240 lbs.. i wear a size 20… and my husband thinks i’m beautiful. Sooo Stick that in your juice box and drink it, You poptart!

  12. Samanta Says:

    first I read all the coments. really awfull what some of them say. I am fat I meet my husband at 220 I have my baby and now I am in 280 and you know what for that person who say fat people have problems with self estem is not true I am confiden, really happy my husband love me and a lot of mens tell me nice things on the street. Is not nice say because you are fat are disgusting.. the anorexic woman comentary was really bad, check your self first. you have bigger problems that fat , you have mental problems ..

  13. LynziMarie Says:

    I think basing healthfulness on dress size is pointless, and irresponsible for the sake of impressionable young girls especially, but for everyone else as well. It really does depend on a persons body type and structure, what may be considered by size to be “fat” could, in fact, be worn well if your body is structured that way. More athletic women aren’t often a size 0, more than likely a range more like 5-10. Based on muscle development and distribution. I personally believe a person should only strive to be healthy, regardless of what is considered beautiful, that’s when it becomes an obsession, when its a vanity issue. If someone eats properly and gets at least 30 minutes of aerobic excersize 3-5 days a week they will be fine. I suffer from a disease where my body makes too much cortisol, caused by a tumor of the pituitary gland, I’m an avid figure skater skating upwards of 4 hours of heavy excersize a day, and I eat much less calories than required on a diet, but because of my excess cortisol and the cortisol released during excersize and skipping meals, I still gain weight. I’m over the pant size of whats considered sexy by quite a bit, but thanks to my healthy habits, my heart is very strong and able to support my body without the risks of having a fat clogged heart. The important thing to remember is to just try your hardest to be healthy, and please yourself… Never worry about the things other people may be thinking, because you know that you are a healthy being and that is all that matters. Its only when obesity is caused by laziness and poor personal control that is a problem. Be healthy… Models are not. Its pretty much a fact that they eat very little… They may be beautiful, but not role models in any sense.

  14. Violet Says:

    I think that being THAT fat doesnt make you beautiful.. i guess you could be beautiful it just depends on the person im a 3 kgs overweight and it really gets to me, underweight people are always pointing out flaws even if theyre ugly i mean its not nice to be called fat im wide set aswell which makes it all the more complicated to lose weight and look thin ive lost 13kgs in the past 6 months and i still dont look slim or pretty compared to other girls.

  15. Erin Says:

    honestly, if you are overweight, get to a healthy weight. If you are underweight, get to a healthy weight.

    Don’t look at pant sizes because honestly, a size 12 on an unhealthy person looks disgusting, a size 12 on a healthy person looks awsome and you wouldn’t dare call the person fat.

    There was a dancer at my school (when I was in HS), and had a much bigger build then everyone else. She wore a size 12, but she looked so fit and lean that you wouldn’t even think of her being in the double digits. And then there was me, I was just overweight and wore a size 12 and still looked fat.

    So honestly, runways that display extremely thin or extremely large women are promoting an unhealthy view of the body. Just put fricken healthy, average sized, toned bodies on the runway. It’ll promote a healthier image.

  16. Lavon Says:

    I have been in several fashion shows. These fashion show featured models size 2 to size 42. It was geared toward people who were overweight and helping them to get a positive view of themselves. The fashion shows were a tool to help people to strut their stuff . Her whole consept was to have a positive approach to how you live your life. Everyone involved enjoyed them selves.

    I remember this fashion show and considered it a positive message. I was also sadded by people shock and general not taking either the designer or the model seriously. This world we live in will always be made up of people of different shapes, sizes, height, weight. The important thing is to accept people for who they are and help them to acheive whatever goals they have.

  17. lydia Says:

    HOW? could a size 12 be fat? marily manroe wasnt fat nor skinny She was a size 12-14. Seriously. Curvaceous and Lumptuous. How women were desired!!!!! Now they like ’em straight and bony what i think is nasty and not beautiful. Real Women Have Curves!!!

  18. Sabrina Says:

    It’s simply amazing to me how people want to pick a number out of the air and designate it as “too fat” or “too thin” without considering other aspects of that person’s life and healh. Why should it matter to a person what size anoher person else is?

    If someone wants to be a size 0 or 2, then fine…knock yourself out…but DON’T YOU DARE think for a moment you’re somehow morally superior to someone else just because of your thinness. Once upon a time such an attitude was called vanity and vanity as I recall like gluttony is considered a sin!

    Isn’t it’s time for people to finally realize there is room in this world for ALL of us regardless of our respectives sizes, heighst, races, whatever…and we ALL have the right to be treated with digity and respect and feel beauiful and loved,regardless?

  19. Chessa Says:

    Wow… All the people who commented on here except a select few are idiots. Your body is your own. Maintain it, yes, people please, NO. Unless you are a doctor you should NEVER give out any type of medical advice including recommendations on weight loss/gain. You have no idea what you are talking about. Other than a doctor, the person who knows your body best is you. Why are we so obsessed with the words “Fat, Thin, Ugly, Beautiful” When we should be thinking about the words “Intelligence, wisdom, beauty, and powerful”? Give people a break, and focus on your own problems. Maybe then we could all do some good. As to my size, I am an 10/11, but that means nothing to me. I strive to eat healthy and exercise 3 to 5 times a week. I have lost weight, but my goal was infinitely to become a HEALTHIER person. Why don’t we all try that?

  20. heatherjoy Says:

    For all of you misinformed cretins who are under the impression that fat is unhealthy and disgusting, try using your complex minds a little more efficiently.

    It’s not called fat BECAUSE it is unhealthy. Your body cannot live without fat. That’s why people are STARVING TO DEATH in many parts of the world. Your body needs fat as much as it needs water. I understand that there are severe cases in which fatness does contribute to health issues, but you have got to get past the single minded thought that ALL fat people are morbific. Being too skinny can have just as severe, if not worse effects such as infertility, osteoperosis and arthritis, and a weakened immune system, which makes you a prime candidate for a whole slew of other disgusting diseases. So, it is absurd to think that all skinny people are healthy. C’mon now, that’s like saying that all black people are gangstas and all muslims are terrorists. It’s a crap way of thinking. You might as well be a racist.

    Also, think about the meaning of unhealthy. Now, do really believe that you know your body so well, both inside AND out, to say that you are much healthier than another person you come to preposterous conclusions about just by looking at them? Do you have any friggin’ idea what’s in the foods you eat? The water you drink? The air you breath? Do you realize cancer is running rampant in this country, not because of fatness, but because of subtle toxins that invade your everyday life without you ever even knowing it. Your cells are probably mutating as we speak, but you don’t see me bashing your foul physiology. Just because you LOOK healthy right now, at this point in your life, doesn’t necessarily mean that you ARE healthy, or that you won’t have some serious health issues five, ten, or twenty years down the road. Put yourself into a greater perspective. You don’t know everything, and your assumptions are useless. Anyone happen to notice we are at war? Or that the stock market is crashing? Maybe you try not to think about it too much, but you sure noticed how repulsive that fat person looked at the pool the other day! You have been brainwashed to think this way. Get over it!

    I am a large woman. I eat a primarily macrobiotic, organic diet. I have been eating this healthy for about eight years now. I don’t have diabetes, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, or any of that other health poppycock you have been lead to believe are definite hazards of fatness. I have also never broken or fractured any bones. I am healthy and I study nutrition a lot. I’m not saying there aren’t improvements to be made, but I am saying that my health doesn’t JUST boil down to my weight. My sister is probably 1/3 my size, but she is more unhealthy than I will ever be. But, just by looking at her, the average ignorant sheep might say she is beautiful.

    PEOPLE are beautiful. Big, small, thin, fat, short, tall, male, female, blonde, brunette, red-head, grey and bald! We are a human family, and vanity is tearing us apart. You are being consumed by illusion if you don’t realize this!

  21. RagdollSmile Says:

    To heatherjoy: You took the words right out of my mouth, hun! Thank you for adding an educated and more realistic view to the mix! I’m glad someone here did their homework and knows that being fat does NOT always equal unhealthy.

    My mother is quite the rubenesque lady; yet her own DOCTOR says that she’s perfectly healthy. She eats well, she exercises… and she’s just fine.

    Fat does NOT equal lazy. Fat does NOT equal unhealthy. And it most certainly does NOT equal ugly, unkempt, or ‘disgusting’.

    As a matter of fact, a long time ago… women with wide hips/bellies/rears were considered ‘more fertile’ and lusted after by many men. And many of our ancient goddess’ were depicted with FAT, pillowy bodies. Look up ‘Wilendorf’, for example. And don’t forget that many classic paintings that are still considered ‘beautiful’… are of larger women.

    Beauty is all about personal perception. It is entirely relative from person to person. There is no solid definition of ‘beauty’ that everyone will ever agree on.

    Beauty is nothing but a concept.

    Health is a fact. And that is another matter all together.

    Please, don’t get them twisted.

  22. Jennifer Says:

    I cannot stop laughing at the sicko annorexic who dared to post a comment judging large people on how disgusting THEY look! Have any of you ever seen an annorexic, they are the most disgusting creatures on earth and on top of it its a phoney attention seeking made up disease! I would rather look at giant jiggly people all day than have to stare at a living skeleton parading around with a skin stretched out over it pretending to be alive! They are the horror show freaks, UGH!

  23. Severin Charisse Frazier Says:

    Beauty really is nothing more than a concept, and it’s kind of tragic how we are constantly obsessing over it. In the end, what does it matter if someone is considered ‘fat’ or ‘thin’, ‘ugly’ or ‘beautiful’? We are all still equal in the eyes of God, and we all still have value and we are all still worthy of love and respect.

    For those of you who are curious, I am a size six/seven and I love being that way.

    As for the model pictured above, who CARES if the fashion show was considered a freak show? She is shapely and beautiful and her dress is the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever seen.

  24. Krystinn Says:

    Big IS beautiful. I’m 14 6’0″ 218lb. and I can fit into a small/medium but my boobs dont like the anorexic look. and neither does my @$$. I’m sorry for anyone who thinks they have to be 5’4″ and 62 lb. that is fricking disgusting. Models should have curves women are supposed to be voluptuous. It is not only plus sizes that are beautiful but the confidence of bigger women is alluring. Obesity is unhealthy, yes. But having meat on your bones and filling out your body is beautiful. I design clothes… only for girls who can fill out the dresses without stuffing ’em with toilet paper or multiple bras. ~Krystinn

  25. Stacey Says:

    I disagree with the stupid little skinny girls on here. Big IS Beautiful. I weigh 280 pounds, and I’m 5’8″, and it’s mostly muscle. Alot of people are “fat” because of their genetics. Some are happy with how they look, some aren’t. Big effin deal! I got picked on in high school, and now, everyone tells me that any guy who has me will be extremely lucky. The media sucks, honestly, and I hate it! They’re just putting out retarded excuses as to why “fat” people should be shunned. It’s because we don’t fit in with the rest of the socially acceptable people. Oh well! eff them! I like to eat, big freakin deal. I’m not gonna starve myself because the media says it’s wrong to be big. In fact, I’ve noticed alot of bigger women nowadays because THEY LOOK HEALTHY! oh, and to the girls who are anorexic? you’re just stupid.

  26. Lolo Says:

    Everyone has their own bodies. Let the live as they will. Health is important. Being fat is not unhealthy. etc. Everyone needs to get over the thin standard.

    Also, Jennifer, what is wrong with you? You’re just as bad as the girls bashing fat people.

    Am I fat? I don’t know, not according to the fatosphere’s standards. I definitely look chubby, most call me average, some people call me fat.

    I am recovering from EDNOS. Calling people with disorders disgusting will not help me feel better about my body. My ex boyfriend told me I was fat and disgusting. Thanks for contributing to his damage by saying that an eating disorder is fake and disgusting.

  27. JJ Says:

    Love yourself, no matter what you look like.

  28. Qynne Says:

    I think you can be as healthy as can be, and still LOOK a bit chubby. itdoesn’tmatter in some cases. as for me, i drink tons of water, take my dog on lengthy runs frequently throughout every day, eat lots of veggies, fruit, hardly any junk, lean meat, and i’m still a bit flabby. i’m around size 10-13. i have an extremely slow metabolism, and genetically, all the women in my family have this problem. it’s about health, and genetics. like in my case, sometimes there just isn’t anything you can do about it.

  29. ellen Says:

    In regards to what Raine said, you can’t possibly determine that a size 14 person is unhealthy and that only sizes 2-4 or whatever are, that’s a ludicrous statement, I am personally a large person, but I am very active, I have a driver’s license but I have always cycled everywhere, I know that I’m not healthy, but I am more active than alot of other people, and size is often totally irrelevant to health. I do think that a designer having all sorts of people in his show is clearly done for the shock value and to make a specticle which is the wrong approach. But quite frankly, I can’t be bothered to care that much, large people will always find it harder to be accepted, but that’s what we humans are, we’re judgmental and superficial. We are not as intelligent as we would like to believe and we like to live our lives criticising the world from our sofas or our computer screens, but none of this pointless commentating will change anything, it will only allow us to feel temporarily better about the world in that we have done our bit. I hate the way fat people are treated, I hate the way I am treated because of my weight, but I’m going to do bugger all about it, I am going to finish this comment and carry on with my life, feeling no different.

  30. jenna Says:

    You know the truth is we’re all going to die eventually. So if someone is comfortable in their lives dispite the mediocre masses that think they’re superior, whose business and right is it to make anybody elses life hell just because they’re living differently? We live, we die, we rot. And years from now, nobody’s going to care that you were “so much better” than some others. Sure. Being overweight is unhealthy. But little do most know is that there are thousands of toxic particles in the air. The world we live in is overall unhealthy.

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