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Pump It Up Exceed Dance BundleI spent so much time running and riding my bike to work that I totally fell out of the dancing game world. I hadn’t even pulled my dance mat out from under the couch for months. Thursday, I casually glanced at the old sites that I used to haunt when I wished I could play instead of work and I was surprised to find that my dreams had come true. Andamiro Entertainment has released Pump It Up for the Xbox.

Pump It Up (PIU) is different from Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) because it has arrows on the corners and a button in the middle. There are times when you have to use your hands in order to push all the arrows at once. Otherwise, they are pretty similar.

Because the movements are unfamiliar to me and I have never played this game before, I can get a pretty good workout playing the easiest mode. Unlike the DDR games, there is no workout mode, but I can play it in Home Mode without it kicking me out of songs if I screw up too much. The only negative is that there were so many songs that I needed to unlock in Arcade Mode in order play them in Home Mode, and others that I needed to unlock in Sudden Death Mode in order to play them in Home or Arcade Mode.

The dance mat that comes with the game is very thin, so playing with bare feet hurt me. It only took a few songs before I was getting the duct tape and two-inch foam out. It didn’t take me long to mod my pad and now I can play it barefoot without pain. See this website to see how to make your dance pad softer:

For a workout, PIU is very similar to DDR, but it mixes it up just enough to make it challenging and adds about 97 new songs. It’s really easy to get sick of the music, so I am really grateful for the addition of this new game.


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  1. JMae Says:

    I LOVE pump it up. my friends also love it but have never seen it till they came to my place. Orginally i saw it in Florida when I went there for a family trip. So happy when it came here, of course un knowing but my sister did. Now i have it. Unlike ddr it dosnt cound how many calories you lost thou. Worst thing need,need,need another dance mat. Because all we do is fight on who gets to play taking turns takes too long and you cant really vers that way. cant seem to get another dance mat unless i get another bundle but i only need the mat wtf other than that game is amazing, play it for hours and if you think about all the time you wasted on ddr its harder and more fun so technically you lose more cals. my cusin went from over 200 pounds-around 120 when he started these dance mat things.

  2. patricia Says:

    Hello everyone, i like this game pump it up. I wish you could help me with a link to a page with information to buy it. please thanx

  3. Laura Moncur Says:

    The link should work now. I’ve linked to Amazon.com’s listing for the game.

  4. Ryan Says:

    can someone please tell me where to buy the pump dance mat only!!!! i need alot of them!!!

  5. Jose Alberto Says:

    hi everyone,i buy pump it up just a week when i begin i only dance songs lvl.1 in normal now i dance songs lvl 13 in crazy mode this game is a great game you can buy it at game stop or eb games or at any game trade store. this game is very well my parents buy it only for the cals i burn but the best of all is that i lose cal and have fun omg¡¡¡¡¡¡ this is the perfect game

  6. Alex Says:

    If you are curious, I play this game at an arcade in MN and it does keep a calorie count on there and shows you at the end. Each round of 3-4 songs on hard/crazy burns me about 550-700 calories. So really, you play for an hour and you are probably burning about 2000+ calories. Good stuff. More fun at the arcade, but the home version is way better for getting good at it or if you are low on the doe XD

  7. Albin Says:

    well guys yeah i got my pum it up like 2 moths ago well it is really fun but can some one tell me how to unlock crash by dignity on k-pop pleas because is my faborite song but i cant play it if some one knows this is my e-mail malbin.hell_666@hotmail.com

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