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After writing i2Workout Update, I got an email from Mike Curiale. He gave me permission to share his answers to my questions with all of you:

Hello Laura,

I see by your website that you have gotten questions regarding i2workout availability and had tried to contact me at mcuriale@gmail.com. I am sorry for any trouble I may have caused for you.

Unfortunately, I do not have dependable internet at this time. My job has transferred me to Switzerland. As such, I have temporarily pulled i2workout since I cannot fairly support new users.

The mcuriale@ync.net and ync account have been closed (but seems to persist nevertheless). The account received over 400 spam emails a day which I can not handle with my current limited access.

As soon as I am able to get reliable internet access, I will have the program up again. If you do wish to contact me, please use mcuriale@i2workout.com.

Many thanks for your support and understanding,

Mike Curiale

Hello, Mike,

It has been mentioned on my comments that maybe the iFit people served you with a cease and desist. Did that happen?

If it hasn’t and you’re not planning on supporting i2workout, are you planning on making the program more than a 30-Day trial?

Is it ok for me to share the info from these emails on my weblog so that the people who are looking know what’s going on?

Thanks for responding,
Laura Moncur

Hi Laura,

No, I have not received a cease and desist from ifit.com. Several years ago their attorney asked that I change the name from the original imfitworkout which they felt was to close to their trademarked rights. Although I didn’t agree, I did rename it i2workout to avoid conflict. They did not object to this name nor my continued promotion of the program.

Yesterday, I obtained new broadband service at my new home in Orbe, Switzerland. So I hope to get the program back up within a week or two.

Please feel free to pass on information from my emails on your weblog or as you see fit.

Best regards,
Mike Curiale

So, i2Workout is coming back soon, for all of you people who have been wanting to create workouts for your iFit machines. For a complete review of i2Workout, see my entry. I have been truly impressed with the program and I’m really glad that it is going to still be supported.

Update 01-23-06: i2Workout is definitely back up and running. You can now download a better version of the software AND purchase it! Welcome Back, Mike!


8 Responses to “News on i2Workout”

  1. Jose Espada Says:

    Hi! I have been trying to download the i2Workout without any success. Are they in fact up and running? Any inform you may provide would be most helpful. Thanks!

  2. Sonbou Says:

    What happens with this issue? Is there anything of this still work? Was good while it last…

  3. Scott Says:

    I guess this is back down again. Is there any other program that is out like this? can you download the working version from another site?

  4. Laura Moncur Says:


    It looks like it’s down for good…


  5. David Hagger Says:

    Laura , Anyway of purchasing your copy of this program from you. Need badly to prepare for a couple of untra marathons.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks, Dave Hagger

  6. Quinn Says:

    Lost my old copy, and found a new one online, but it doesn’t give the ability to create mp3s of your workout. Anyone have that old version?

  7. Fabián Says:


    What you are asking for is an “impossible mission”. Surely, Mike has sold his program to ifit and Laura is his accomplice. They has made dissapeared all the programs of the red. There is only one and that isn´t full.

    Good luck, Quinn

  8. Laura Moncur Says:

    Wow, Fabian!

    You imagine a MUCH more exciting life for me than I could ever live up to!

    Sadly, Mike has fallen off the face of the planet. I, too, have lost my copy of i2workout. It was a great program and I’m sorry to see it rot on the vine.

    Best wishes, Laura


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