Biggest Loser and One Thought of Inspiration

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The Biggest LoserThis week on Biggest Loser, the contestants were tortured with even more ridiculous situations. When they checked the kitchen, they were informed that the food was gone and that they would have to eat at restaurants all week. That sounded like a really good training session to me. Learning to eat healthy at every restaurant in the city is something that everyone who is watching their weight should do.

Unfortunately, they jumped right into Contrived Dilemna Land that pushes things past ridiculous. The contestants were separated and told that whomever drank the most milkshake shots would be exempt from having to eat at the restaurants and they would have a personal chef all week. This resulted in one contestant drinking more than a day’s worth of calories in one sitting in order to win. Are they really trying to help these people? It makes me wonder.

At another point in the week, they took the contestants to The Cheesecake Factory. This is a good way to teach them to eat in moderation because there are times when everyone in your circle of friends wants to gorge on cheesecake. Learning how to indulge softly is helpful in those situations. One of the contestants wasn’t learning how to indulge softly, however. He was sneaking bites of the cheesecake behind his napkin. Jillian caught him and poured salt all over his remaining food.

“You’ve got to change your behavior. You do not need to rely on willpower. Willpower is greatly overrated, and by destroying [the dessert], it will make it incapable for you to submit to temptation.”

Finally! One good piece of useful advice from this program. Take it and run because I’m sure next week they’ll find something demeaning to do to these poor folks.

Via: TVgasm – Biggest Loser: My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard…


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  1. Adalmin Says:

    I would like to ask you a question.

    I am 1.64 cm tall and about 62 kilos. I can outrun everyone in my class over long distances and I can lift my own weight. Am I fat?

  2. Michael Moncur Says:

    1.64 cm tall and 62 kg? Unless you’re the world’s heaviest insect, did you mean 1.64 meters?

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