TrimSpa Settles State Lawsuit

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They lured customers by promising weight loss with no drugs. They promised drug-free help with hypnotism, but the sessions were really a clever ruse to sell weight loss supplements like TrimSpa and LipoSpa. Enough customers complained that New Jersey sued them.

In the settlement, TrimSpa refuses to accept any liability or admit to doing anything wrong. They promise to inform their customers better next time. They shelled out the customer retribution plus and additional $750,000 in exchange for not having their name sullied by a loss in the courts.

Remember, no matter what they promise you, there are companies out there trying to take your money. Don’t let them. You can lose weight on your own without drugs or patches or formulas or supplements.

Via: Consumer Health Digest, September 13, 2005


3 Responses to “TrimSpa Settles State Lawsuit”

  1. Eh... not so much Says:

    My state rocks. 🙂

  2. Rhonda K Torfin Says:

    Im writing you because i also used Trim-spa for a long while hoping i would get the same results, as the Ad and Anna Nacole said would get. It only made me feel like I was getting sick to my stomack. I to was fooled by the ads Im a large women looking for help i was desprate, I felt, by how she said the product worked it would work for me the same. no dice

    I am very unhappy because I am low income on ssI and spent alot of money for the help to get scammed.

    is there a list to get on these settlement if so please reply I m lost.

    Thank you Rhonda K Torfin

  3. Sarah Says:

    There is no “magic Pill”. This lawsuit is stupid. People that are overweight need to learn, exerice and eating in moderation is the way to lose weight. the pills only help increase energy, boost metabolism, or help with hunger pangs. They do not walk for you, they do not do cardio for you. They do not properly portion your food for you. Stop thinking there is a magic pill and when it does not work go sue. Exercise and eat right. stop looking for magic, it is not going to happen.

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