Ask Laura: Core or Flex?

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How do you decide which to do? Flex Points or Core Plan?



For me, it was a really easy decision. I was starved as a child, so any diet that restricts which foods I can eat, immediately throws me into Starvation Mode. If I can’t work a treat into my diet, then I might as well not diet because I will only be able to stay away from the restricted food for so long before I end up bingeing.

Of course, when I first started Weight Watchers, they didn’t have the Core Plan, so I really didn’t have a choice when I was learning good habits. Fortunately, that was really good for me and my history with food. I used to save up my points for those treats that used to be restricted on other diets.

Now, however, I might as well eat on the Core Plan. I follow the nutrition advice so closely that switching over to the Core Plan would not be an issue for me. There is that psychological issue, however, where I am scared that I might switch over into Starvation Mode if I realized that food was restricted for me. Even though I eat Core Foods ninety percent of the time, I don’t think I could ever follow the Core Plan.

Good Luck, Laura Moncur


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