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In June 2004, I did a review of a program called i2Workout. It was a program that can make what’s like an iFit CD that will control your treadmill (or elliptical trainer or exercise bike). I used it quite regularly on my old treadmill, running it directly from the computer. It controlled the speed and incline of my treadmill and I was able to create a workout without pushing the buttons a million times.

This program was created by Mike Curiale. He seemed like a genial fellow in the few emails that we exchanged. Unfortunately, he has dropped off the face of the earth. My emails to him have gone unanswered and eventually, they started bouncing because the mailbox was full.

You’ll notice on his website that he has removed his program from his website, so it is impossible to download it anymore. I have received some emails from people who read my review, wondering if I would be able to give them a copy.

Fortunately, it looks like WinSite has a mirror copy of the download:

Make sure you read Mike’s website so you can install it correctly. I haven’t tried the program that WinSite has available, but if it’s anything like the version I have, it will be easy to use and very helpful.


3 Responses to “i2Workout Update”

  1. Bill Johnson Says:

    The one they have is “build 58” and is the latest one I can find, but it doesnt do eliptical trainers. Can you send me a copy of the version you have to try out?

  2. E Swanson Says:

    I have just purchased a used ifit compatable elliptical. I was lokking for the version of i2workout compatible with the elliptical. Do you know of anyplace I can purchase it?

  3. Chase Says:

    I’m also looking for the last version. Version 168 was the last but anything newer than build 58 would be good because I’m also trying to use my elliptical. If anyone finds or has a copy please email me at chase@osdev.org .


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