Smart Clothing from the University of Bath

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Smart Clothing from The University of BathThere is a scene in Back To The Future II where Michael J. Fox falls into water. His futuristic clothing makes itself dry with a rush of air. The University of Bath is trying to make clothing that dries itself out.

It will use a reaction to humidity (from sweat) to open its tiny fibers, allowing more air into the garment. It sounds really cool and when it comes into existence, I’m sure that all the running magazines will tell you that you can’t go for a run without it.

Just remember that people lose weight running in cotton shirts and Payless Shoe Source tennis shoes all the time. All it takes is dedication and moderation.

Via: Hautegear » Intelligent clothing inspired by pine cones


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  1. fashiongirl Says:

    Your site is informative. Aside from fashion, I’m also a fitness fanatic.

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