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The FTC is working diligently to protect you from fraudulent weight-loss claims, but these companies are breeding faster than they can cut them down.

Companies, individuals and products mentioned in these articles:

  • Hydro-Gel Slim Patch
  • Slenderstrip
  • Kingstown Associates, Ltd.
  • BVW Associates, Inc.
  • Gary Bush; David Varley
  • Laurence White
  • The Fulfillment Solutions Advantage, Inc.
  • The FSA Group
  • International Access
  • Beauty Visions Worldwide
  • Slimshop
  • Robert Van Velzen

There is no magic pill, food, patch, or exercise machine that can make you thin unless you make changes to your diet and exercise levels. If you are going to make changes to your diet and exercise, do it by yourself and don’t waste your money on products that haven’t been proven. At best, they steal your money and leave you fat. At worst, they injure your health or kill you.

Via: Consumer Health Digest, September 20, 2005


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