School Lunch Reform

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I regularly read The Food Museum blog. They tend to talk about places that I don’t live near and food that I may never eat, but every once and awhile, I find something interesting. Here is a link to their views on School Lunch Reform.

My views on the subject are tainted by my experience with school lunch as a young adult. Once I hit high school, I felt like I was in heaven as far as school lunch was concerned. No matter what they served, I could always have a salad. Of course, I drenched it with ranch dressing, but I always felt like I had a healthy option.

Personally, I don’t think school lunch is the problem. I think that parents that don’t provide a good example are the problem. If your children see you eat healthy in every environment, they will do the same. If your children are sent to school with immaculately healthy food in their lunchbox, then they will eat healthy (aside from trading). I think school lunch reform has more to do with the home than government programs.


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  1. Sasha Epps Says:

    Well i think that school lunch should be rformed because its making the kids fat obviously

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