Photoshopped Thin

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Photoshopped Thin

It appears that someone has been working on their Photoshop Skillz by making thin models even thinner:

I sometimes wonder at things like this. When I first saw the Photoshopped picture, I thought to myself, “That girl needs to eat a sandwich.” I almost felt justified. I may not be at my goal weight, but at least I’m not wasting away.

I almost think that pictures like these and those photos of Lindsay Lohan’s ribs serve a purpose for us, whether they are real or not. When I saw that picture, I felt that being fat was better than wasting away. It is, but the best option is to be a healthy weight. Maybe these sort of pictures serve the purpose of keeping us from realizing our dreams of achieving a healthy weight. Maybe they feed our fear of being hungry all the time.

Don’t let things like this distract you. When you get to your goal weight, you will be healthy and strong, not weak and skinny.

Via: The Museum of Hoaxes – Skinny Women


5 Responses to “Photoshopped Thin”

  1. karlie Says:

    That is a really good message to send to teens. It is better to be healthy than stick thin and to the girls who are thin and heathly good for you but i have never been that thin i have always wanted to be thin but now that i see these girls it don’t look sexy it looks gross!!!! I would rather be chubby and sexy than be stick thin and gross. Don’t starve youself or listen to what magizines say! be happy with yourself! And to all the magizines like “Seventeen” and “Cosmo Girl” get a life! Atleast “TEEN People” have 1 chubby girl! Plus girls die everyday from bulmina and other things becoming “TOO Thin” cause. So Thank You.

  2. chrisyy Says:


  3. Alice Says:

    Don’t worry! I saw new pictures of Lindsay and she was looking kinda good, maybe even a bit too fat, I’d say! No one needs to be stick thin, but it isn’t good, especially for actors&singers, to be fat and have a big belly or a fat butt.

  4. lori Says:

    That is a great statement to send out to all those who have an ED or want to have an ‘ED’ to get skinny! Theres nothing wrong with being a size 10. I think some people think that if they can fit into a size 8, 6 or even 4 then they are beautiful, if they get to that size then they will love their body. When in actual fact it is the opposite. when they do get to size 4/6 they dont feel great and they dont love their body.This escalates into a mad psychological syndrome that all started from someone calling you FAT ASS or UGLY etc. or from watching models on the TV or in Mags.

    Its a MAD WORLD!

    Personally id like to be a size 8 but i would never like to be refered to as the 3rd world chick… No Way!

  5. jayy Says:

    this is pretty weird, but a good message… i guess it scares people. it makes them more aware that there are really anorexics out there in the real world and it’s disgusting… which encourages them not to do it… anyway i’m a size 5 (maybe sizes are different around here, because a size 5 where i am is pretty average)and i’d like to be a 3, but i’m not starving myself to get there (sports are awesome!)


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