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Herbalife“Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How” The first time I saw that phrase, it was printed on a button on my store manager’s lapel. He was eager to talk about the patch that he was wearing on his inner wrist. He said that he had lost 10 pounds, but I couldn’t see any difference in his appearance. The year was 1986.

Now, the phrase, “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How” only haunts us from tattered bumper stickers on old cars. They may have ditched their slogan, but Herbalife, the diet product multi-level marketing scheme, has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. I have a hard time celebrating twenty-five years of questionable marketing techniques and unproven efficacy.


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  1. kathros Says:

    Couldn’t agree more….I fell into the trap a few years ago and went to one of the training sessions..it was basically a lesson in how to con people. Rubbish

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Funny how a company who “Scams” people could be in 63 different countries, and have 60 MILLION success stories and have 60 MILLION people consuming the products everyday!!!! Seems like all these anti-Herbalife websites are filled with lazy people who expect miracles, no one will walk up to you and ask you for the product. It’s WORK from home, did they expect they wouldn’t have to work???? It’s the #1 Wellness company in the WORLD? How can we say that this company scams, can it really be scamming all these people that have had real results in both their health and their financial status????? Something to think about? I think so

  3. Laura Moncur Says:

    No one said they “scammed” people. I said they had unproven efficacy. Show me the double-blind medical research and I’ll change my mind, but only if it has been peer-reviewed and published in a reputable journal.

  4. Antoinette W Says:

    So sad that other’s success is a threat to people who has no vision (kathros – 16th May 2006.) How can you say it is rubbish when so many people’s lives have changed through these products? Medical Researches (Laura 15th Oct 2006) are on it’s way – we have 60 top doctors working on these products for 26 years now. Remember, Herbalife is not medicine – it’s good nutrition. Last note: $3 Billion in sales for 2006 and listed on the NYSE – Scam? My logic – don’t think so – get your facts and then talk about thinks you know about.

  5. Renata Says:

    I have been on Herbalife for almost two years, and I love it, not only lost all my baby weight, my overall health improved, since my daughter started school, I started with the business and I can’t be happier… I keep reading funny stories about scams, but in my case I’m out of control with it.. and I have seen with my eyes, people loosing more than 100 lbs, and making more than 100k a month… normal people, just like you and I…

  6. Laura Moncur Says:


    You sound like a commercial. Those “funny” stories about scams aren’t so funny to the people who endured them.

    Be careful,

  7. Ray G. Says:

    For Laura Moncur and many other negative thinkers. I was a skeptic too but not anymore. Herbalife truly does work and if professional soccer players and athletes like David Beckham can play for LA Galaxy promoting and using Herbalife products then you tell me what that is. With honest hard work and practice in the Herbalife business and usage of the products tells that one using the products and recommending it to others is by all means first hand experience of one’s knowledge. If you’re negative about Herbalife, that’s your decision but don’t base it upon your bad experience either because you didn’t work hard at it or you didn’t use the products accordingly. The business opportunity and the products are 100% sound when you have a Board Committee composed of top scientist and medical doctors and those with a Nobel Prize. Do you have a Nobel Prize? I didn’t think so. Neither do I but that doesn’t keep me from continuing to better my and other’s nutritional and financial economical lifestyles. Furthermore, Herbalife is on the New York Stock Exchange, has over 60 million successful stories in the usage of the products and business opportunity, Herbalife has a building erected in the founder’s name on the UCLA campus, and we’re in over 60 different countries in the world. Is it possible that the success stories are envied or is there a sign of jealousy from your behalf? Don’t be angry at something that works for others but doesn’t work for you because you don’t work at it. Either pitch in and do your part, and if not don’t say anything until you get all the facts straight like Antoinette W stated. I’ve been using the products for nearly 10 years due to having a better nutritional lifestyle. I’ve been doing the business for the same amount of years and people are happy with their results and helping others improve their health as well, which has been a means to helping others preventing illnesses from enhancing. If you really want to know fully about Herbalife, use the products exactly as prescribed and if you do the business do exactly how the marketing plan is described but study as well.

    With all Sincerity,


  8. Sheetal Says:

    For Laura Moncur and many other negative thinkers. I tried it, to believe it. It definitely works, specially when all other means failed. I am happy with the products that I am using and have recommended my family and friends.

  9. Warren Sumpter Says:

    send me all of the information about controlling weight

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