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The professional quality on this StrengthCast is the worst of any that I have listened to, but the inspirational quality is the BEST.

Jason White, who is usually interviewing other participants, spends most of this StrengthCast talking on his own. At the end of this interview, I found myself wondering why he’s wasting his time interviewing chiropractic quacks when he has the ability to be an awesome motivational speaker.

There is a small interview with Matt Ceglie of Fitness Together in San Diego, but what Jason says is far more important than what Matt said.

Here are some good quotes from this podcast:

“What you need is a crystal clear image and that image has to awesome. You have to see that image gigantic in your mind every day, before your workout, during your workout, when you get up in the morning, when you eat… It has to be personal and powerful because that image does two things: One, it provides you with information you need to make good decisions. It guides your life toward that image. Two, it’s an analgesic. It’s a pain reliever. Working out is hard. It hurts, but if you focus on that image it relieves the pain of that hurt.”

“Get a very clear image in your mind of what it is you want to look like.”

Reinforcing the image of you achieving your goal is one of the best things you can do to keep on track. Take some time this week and really take the time to write down what you want and how you want to look. If you need some help, go to the Visualize a Different You entry and contemplate the questions there.


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