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Before I started writing for Starling Fitness, I wrote about a lot of health and fitness items on my personal weblog, Pick Me!. This entry has ruffled a lot of feathers and I am still receiving comments on it, even though it’s almost a year old.

Check out the angry and supportive comments from all the people on this entry. I orginally wrote this entry because I kept getting emails asking for the Weight Watcher’s Core Food List. It seemed crazy to me because the list (or the Points program) isn’t what helped me lose the weight. The classes and my excellent leader helped me far more than the nutritional information that Weight Watchers gave me.


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  1. Judi Says:

    I read the lecture and comments over in that blog, and I agree with those who think you’re being over the top and snarky. I searched for ww+flex and ww+core to see what the difference might be between the two plans. I’m not looking to get the information so I can try to do it myself for free; I’m one who can’t afford to join right now, but was interested in finding out about those two plans. There are many reasons someone may not be able to afford to sign up. Your approach is off-putting, but I do thank you for providing this basic information.

  2. susie Says:

    I agree with the other people who posted. Your post is rude and condescending. We know why we got fat. Obviously, we are here looking for information so we can begin a journey to becoming thin. Not everyone who is overweight sits around watching lame shows like Matlock. I know I’ve never seen it, perhaps you have. Not everyone has the luxury of attending meetings.

  3. Lee Says:

    These days everyone wants the world to be painted in warm milk. sigh

    I did not take offense at the tone of your post. Many, many fat people fit the description you cited – I among them. We need someone to shake us awake.

    I’ve joined WW online and am going to do the Core plan.

  4. mary Says:

    I didn’t find your post offensive nor was I put off by it. It found it to be raw truth. I believe if you really truly want to make a life change then you will make time to do it regardless of how busy you may think your lifestyle is. I’m a single mom of two very active teenagers (one who is graduating this year). I work full time go to school part time and am very active in my children’s activities. I make time for myself everyday, even if it’s in 30 minute increments. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. WW is a fabulous program, affordable, and realistic compared too all the other diet plans available. My income is limited and even with that there are a few luxuries I can do without if it means a better lifestyle for myself and ultimately for my little family. People need to stop whining about real truths – the reason they are so offended might be in the back of their minds they know that it’s true and they are not ready to face the fact. No one wakes up one day skinny the next day fat for no reason. There are underlying circumstances and outside factors that get us there. Once you realize that – you have truly gotten over the hardest part. That’s my little vent for the day. You are right…having the foods to eat isn’t enough to lose weight. As an individual you have to work out why you are eatting the way you are to begin with, work that out, change your eatting behavior, develop healthier habits for dealing with those reasons and add exercise to your diet….it’s not possible to do all that on your own without appropriate advisement. Wish me luck as I begin on my journey (again) to lose weight – my goal is 50lbs!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I happened to be on a trip and decided to see if I could find any idea of what was on the core plan without having to go buy new books. I have been doing the flex plan for a year and a half and have been stuck for about 4 months now and I thought why not give the core plan a try. Yeh, I know that’s wrong, but I do have books, I just left them at home. I have lost 65 pounds on weight watchers and I have done it without attending more than one meeting. That sounds pretty bad too, but I have to give weight watchers credit and respect for helping me to loose that weight that I have lost by learning about portion control and what is okay to eat. I do buy weight watcher food products and I buy their books. Maybe it is totally wrong to get to loose all this weight for little to nothing, but I am ultimately the one who has put in all of the work dealing with the late night food cravings and the occasional binges and I have been able to do it without any meetings. If anyone asks me how I lost the weight, I give weight watchers the credit and recommend them to go there. I know that most people are searching for help for a reason and are not able to do what I have done and do it on my own. I am just on of the few people who desperately need to loose weight and had next to no money to do it. As for the comments posted on this website, the are a little raw and harsh, but there is a lot of quietly hidden truth behind them that we try to hide about why we get over weight but don’t want to acknowledge it. As for people being guilty of looking for free information without paying, that is definately me. If I had money I would pay, but weight watchers gets my endorsement and respect for the jorney it started me on and has been able to help accomplish. Thanks

  6. Holley Says:


    I also did not find what you said snarky or offensive. People need to stop making excuses and fix what they don’t like.

    Nothing will get someone going like the real nitty gritty truth!

    Thanks for your words!

  7. Karqa Says:

    You are an idiot. The fact that people are looking for the core foods list does not at all mean that they are looking for “a magic bullet” or that they are not committed to weight loss. Some people are trying to research what this list is so that they can make an informed decision regarding what weight loss program they choose. Of course there is more work involved. I am sure you think that you are just being “honest” with people but in order to do that you need to talk to individuals based on their issues. You can not just post blanket stereotypes and think that you are helping. You will never be more harsh on me concerning my weight than I am. Never. You can throw as many stereotypes and generalizations at me as you like. By the way, assuming you know why people are looking at the information that you post makes you look ignorant.

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